Coincidences & Signs

I haven’t written for a while because something occurred in my life.  I do not want to go into detail about what at this time, but I know you would understand why it took me away from The Kollektive for a while.  What I will tell you is that I once again find myself thinking how strange life is & how it throws things into your path when you least expect them.

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I woke up at 6 am today & it was Awesome

I have always thought that I am not one of those early riser, happy, morning people & have recently become a complete night owl.  The one that stay up until 4 am & sleeps until noon.  Which is great, if you are a college student, but less great when you are an adult trying to get things done.  Things like write for this blog, but there always seemed to be a good excuse.  It’s too hot.  I have no ideas.  I forgot to update my domain. Allergies.

But, this morning I woke up at 6 am & felt this magical essence of happy creative productivity.  I was like “I get it guys! I get you morning people! This is amazing! Hilary I get it!” 

So here I am awake at 7 am on a Monday after an amazing nights sleep, during which I actually had dreams, feeling awesome & eager to conquer the day.   As I write this I have decided that this is day one of my sleep reform as I am going to be  morning person this fall.  To help me keep this new-found eagerness to wake up early I am going to prepare a list of all of the reasons why being a night person is less than ideal.

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Summer To Do List: Out of Town Antiquing

Living this summer on a budget I have learned that being outdoors & walking are key ingredients to finding plenty of free or really cheap entertainment.  I’ve walked to & around a lot of places this summer just to get out & occupy my mind.

Embracing the life change that came this year, my summer of 2016 bucket list consists of things that don’t require me to spend any money, or very little money.  Truth time – having to fill my time to avoid the monotony of the job search has made me get creative in ways I never bothered to in the past.  Patio drinks & shopping every weekend are just not an option for me.

So when a friend invited me to join her at on a trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market a few weeks ago, I naturally said yes.  It is on my summer bucket list!

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My Story of Refurbishing Vintage Store bought Furniture

I have read the blogs of Furniture DIY Queens with amazement & a slight sense of envy at these women.  They seem to be constantly refurbishing furniture they found on the street or pimping out Ikea furniture ,& the result is flawless & unique decor on a budget.

I admit I have always wanted to be one of these DIY Queens.  I have some basic carpentry skills, expensive taste but a Value Village budget so there has always been an appeal to “making my own furniture”.   Time seems to be the only thing that was standing in my way.

This July I decided to take my first plunge into Furniture DIY & refurbish a cabinet I bought this past fall at a vintage shop.   I’m proud of the final result but, it was not as easy as I thought! The experience did however inspire me to write my own DIY blog post in the popular format, with a twist of “real talk”.

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Saw my first GOP Convention & as a Canadian, I have questions

On Thursday July 20th, 2016 I watched my first Republican National Convention.  I had to witness Donald Trump’s, probably, historic speech.   I am not sure what I expected, but not what I saw.  I have never witnessed such a euphoric response to a fear-mongering, hate filled speech.   It was shocking to hear the contents of the speech .. but more shocking to see the response.   It is hard to believe that anything really, really bad will happen IF .. but I’m probably not the first person to say that in the history of humanity. 

Having said that, I do have some questions after consuming some of the other speeches from the convention in recent days.   Some are serious, others are in jest.  I can’t help but try to find the humour in such situations so read & answer in the comment section. 

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Vision “I Give Zero Fucks About You”

As of this Monday there have been more than 20 collisions involving a pedestrian or a cyclist in Toronto.  Yet, John Tory has stayed silent.

At this point of John Tory’s mayorship I don’t expect him to represent or push through the agenda of Toronto Cyclists.  He is the mayor who decreased the breadth of the cities proposed 10 year cycle plan, who  expects Vision Zero to be implemented with Zero Budget, &  yet has approved a $1 billion + budget to expand the Gardiner Expressway east of the city.  But, at the very least I would have expected the Major to acknowledged what happened &  express some sentiment of regret.
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