Wish For (Wednesday)

We’re thinking about the narrow cobblestone streets of Europe this afternoon. It would be lovely to start the day off with a fresh bun topped with cheese and tomato, a cup of coffee followed by stroll through Stare Miasto.

warsaw 11

First we would have to go to an ice cream shop and stop by the Royal Castle to eat Kinga’s favorite lunch, Zapiekanki. After an afternoon spent at museums we would catch up with family and old friends over a delicious dinner and a pint of Okocim. It has been 5 years since we last visited Poland and we think about it more and more as time goes by.

With all of our fond memories, today #thekollektivewishfor a trip to Warsaw, Poland.

warsaw 5

warsaw 14

warsaw 4


Walking in London

I think the reason we love to travel is because it takes us out of our routine. We wake up when we want & do what what we want. We pay attention to the world around us, the buildings, the people. The simple act of walking down the street becomes a grand adventure of discovery.

I recently went to London for two weeks. It was a bit of a last minute decision. I didn’t have a plan or daily itinerary, just my iPhone with the Trip Advisor city app (best travel app ever by the way) & my walking shoes. It was an amazing trip. London is a beautiful city, full of architecture and culture. Two weeks was not enough time to see everything & I have every intention of going back.

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