Museums of Bogotá

IMG_1339.jpgI was pleasantly surprised by the museums in Bogotá.   To ensure all Bogotáns have the opportunity for cultural enrichment, all of the musuems offer one admission free day.  Something I support! Free access to a museum or art gallery can really be an uplifting moment in your life.  When I was unemployed I would regularly go to the AGO on Wednesday night and it made a huge difference. It took my mind off my worries and took me to a place of wonder.

I did not go to all of the museums in Bogotá.  So this is not a comprehensive list all of the must-see museums and I’m sure I missed on some that others would say require a visit.   I visited about 6 museums in totally.  The most on my first day in Bogotá, which was a Monday and I had plenty of time after the Graffiti Tour!  But, this is the list of the I’d recommend.

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The Sunset of Monserrate


View from the cable car

Monserrate is a MUST do when you are in Bogotá.  The views, the views, the views!  Did I mention the views?

We asked our Anti-Cliche tour guide Orland what time we should go to get the best views.  He recommended at night.  So we decided to go in the late afternoon, have a late lunch there and watch the sunset.  Which turned out to be the perfect amount of time to experience all of the views of Bogotá that Monserrate had to offer.

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Candelaria, Bogotá


Calle del Embudo

Candelaria is the old, historic part of Bogotá and houses the majority of the things any traveler to Bogotá would want to see.  Plaza Bolívar, the Gold Museum, Monserrate, Botero Museum, Calle del Embudo, the less well-known La Candelaria Park and Journalist Park, which is the location of the TransMilenio station Jimenez.

There are a couple of ways you can see Candelaria.  You can just go there by yourself or you can join one of the many free walking tours.  I recommend taking a walk tour to orient yourself and get some tips from the tour guide! Unfortunately, Candelaria and in particular the famous Calle del Embudo, is known to be an area where tourists are at risk of being pick pocketed.  Not because the neighborhood itself is unsafe, although there is a lot of visible poverty, but as it is central and attracts tourists, it also attracts pick pockets.

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A Week in Bogotá


At Monserrate

I was sitting in a meeting in April when I decided I needed a travel break. I needed to see something new, be in a new place and spend some time alone.  With that decision made I did a quick check on Google Flights to see where I could go in May for cheap.  There were a few options but, once I saw flights to Bogotá where cheap …. I decided that would be my destination.  I had never been to Colombia and the chance to see a less-traveled place appealed to me.

I wanted to rest so decided against a week-long travel whirlwind in Colombia and made the decision to just spend a week in Colombia.  It is not a decision I regret as a week is just enough time to not get bored with the city while seeing a lot of it, especially as I threw in a day trip out of Bogotá to get a small feel for Colombia outside the city.

I found people’s reaction to my trip was interesting.  Either people assumed I was going to Cartagena, or for a week-long coke binge (I was not), or they were just plain confused as why I would go to Bogotá of all places!  Before I share the amazing things I experienced and saw during my week-long trip, I’m going to answer some questions about Bogotá that I got.

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Hello Again!

Hello again, my patient readers I am officially back in Toronto & back to blogging!

My Thailand trip was amazing.  It was the “find myself” adventure trip I wanted & I almost filled up my journal during the 28 days.  I have a lot to share over the next while, but today I am jet lagged.

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BRB: Off on an Adventure 

Sorry for the lack of posts but too much has been going on in the last week & keeping up with the news has been emotionally exhausting. It has been difficult for me to collect my thoughts & just write. Nothing seemed right. 

I’ve also been preparing for my first adventure of 2017 – solo trip to Thailand! I’ve decided not to take my laptop on the month long trip, so I’ll be sharing minimal updates (if any) in the next month.    I will see you in March with new stories born from my trip.

Thank you! 

Ps. I’m not taking the cat with me. 

#TBT Travel: That time we took a Greyhound to Calgary

10 years ago we took a Greyhound bus from Toronto to Calgary.

Four days of living on a moving bus, stopping in random towns, sleeping like pretzels & living off Ice caps! On day two we were tired of it all (except the Ice Capp’s) & quickly learned the key to surviving an extended Greyhound trip is to:

  1. Sleep when you can & for however long you can.
  2. Take the seats behind the driver to increase your chances of having the full seat to sleep on.
  3. Adopt the “do what you can” approach to cleanliness.  Realize you will NEVER have time to grab a shower at a stop.
  4. Thank god for Tim Horton’s in this country.

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