Memories of Mirvish Village

The second post in my Memories of Toronto’s Honest Ed’s series in honour of the last days of the bargain store’s life.  You can read Memories of Honest Ed’s here

Mirvish Village, is a collection of bars & shops in old Victorian houses along Markham Street. It is a neighbourhood that defined Toronto for me & seemed to be the perfect meeting places of artists, musicians, intellectuals & dreamers.

Now that I am looking back, I realize that Mirvish Village represented an idealized dream of the intellectual artists life that I always wanted to pursue, but was too sacred to.  Instead I went the corporate route & now that I am ready to embark upon the path of a modern artists, the community of my youthful fantasies is about to be torn down.

There is irony in this somewhere. Or it is a sign.  Regardless, I will feel the loss of Markham Street.


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Last Night: “There Goes My Head” Album Release Party

This past Sunday our talented friend Noah Pascoe celebrated the release of his debut solo album, “There Goes My Head“, and his impending life altering move to Thailand.

Pascoe’s Last Waltz

The album release party was held at Kicking Tire Studio and had a chill, celebratory vibe that comes about when one brings together ones various groups of friends to celebrate an achievement.

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Where I stand with my baguette

This was my early fall outfit: Chunky v-neck cream sweater, black & gray stripped pencil skirt, paired with metallic flats & my red coat.

It was an outfit made for a where I stand / outfit of the day selfie.  Which is not easy to get right, by the way.  I have a lot of respect for the fashion bloggers & Instagramers who make this look so easy.  It is not easy to look casual as you are bending forwards to take a picture of your outfit. Those that make this type of picture look natural. just have a lot of practice & maybe more flexibility.  They also don’t care if 50 people seem them in the park, awkwardly bending over as they search for the perfect angle. That is their real power.

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10 Movie Trilogy’s To Watch When You are Sick

You know when you are so sick you can’t even describe what you have?
parks and rec_everything hurts gif

It might be a flu. It might a cold. All you know is that everything hurts.  Overnight you seem to have turned into a phlegm factory whose production levels have gone through the roof.

There are not enough tissues in the world to meet your needs & everything is SO FAR away.  “I have to lift my arm & turn to the right to get my tea. This is too much!” “Oh my god, I have to go to the bathroom? I have to actually GET UP & walk … over there.  I don’t know .. this is going to be difficult.” 

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Summer morning reflections

10 am on Thursday.  I am sitting in our kitchen with the back door open.  The sun is flicker onto the floor, the summer breeze flowing in with the sound of chirping birds.

The world sounds peaceful, lazy & content.

There is no burning sense of urgency to do something, to be somewhere or to be someone.

I have things to do, but right now I will enjoy the sounds of the leaves flickering in the wind & the chirping birds.

I sip my coffee, close my eyes & smile.

I love days off in the summer.

Happy Bastille Day

During a string of hot days in May 2009 I explored the beautiful streets of Paris, sipped coffee at cafes and indulged in local cuisine three times a day. I made sure to visit Versailles and witness the decadence of the grounds myself. I feel in love with Paris and can’t wait to plan a trip back to explore some more!

the kollektive

#throwbacktuesday Paris 2009