Healthy Living: Saying Goodbye to Salt

On New Years Day in 2013 I remember feeling like crap because I was bloated, chubby, hung over, and not excited about my job. I promised myself I would eat healthier and drink less alcohol. By April I was working out three times a week, eating healthier meals, and cut back on my drinking. My family and friends noticed I slimmed down by summer and all the compliments felt great. I signed up for two work out classes at a community centre in the fall and although my muscles ached, my body felt great. I was a machine. At the start of 2014 I was in Brasil with my husband and initially I kept up with running and some at home exercises. I was eating well as the year went on however, my routine started to change because I was exercising less and less. It wasn’t until Halloween that guilt started to creep in, I felt bad for not exercising and falling back on my progress. The yo-yo continued as one week I would exercise and eat well and the next I was snacking, over eating, and chugging too many beers.

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