When Your Horoscope Comes True

You can’t really look to a horoscope written for every person of that said sign, to provide you guidance in life or to give you all the answers.   Yet, sometimes you get one that just make sense and helps to clarify a situation that seemed unclear.

I recently re-read my July horoscope and was surprised by how much it reflected what was going on with me.   My July did have an overall feel of “nervous energy” but resulted in a “brilliant breakthrough” and I did undergo a “breakthrough on emotional issues” I’ve been working on.  And yes July ended as a time to re-build emotionally.

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Summer To Do List: Out of Town Antiquing

Living this summer on a budget I have learned that being outdoors & walking are key ingredients to finding plenty of free or really cheap entertainment.  I’ve walked to & around a lot of places this summer just to get out & occupy my mind.

Embracing the life change that came this year, my summer of 2016 bucket list consists of things that don’t require me to spend any money, or very little money.  Truth time – having to fill my time to avoid the monotony of the job search has made me get creative in ways I never bothered to in the past.  Patio drinks & shopping every weekend are just not an option for me.

So when a friend invited me to join her at on a trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market a few weeks ago, I naturally said yes.  It is on my summer bucket list!

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Summer To Do List: Exploring Toronto Island

You know that thing you like to do but never do enough of?

Going to Toronto Island was that thing for me.  My schedule never allowed me to plan an Island day too frequently & I think I use to think it was “too far” to go by myself.  I had to cross water, which clearly that was not a thing one did by themselves.

Strange, the things you tell yourself that limit your joy of life.

Well, as 2016 is a NEW year for me.  It is a year in which I find myself in totally unchartered territory, but in a very good way, & so going to the Island after work on Sunday was my plan.

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Lest We Forget: 100th Year Anniversary of the Start of WW1

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One; a war that created the world we live in today, yet most of us do not remember.

Most high school History teachers did not bother to focus on the first world war, except to mention the horrors of trench warfare, the first use of chemical warfare & the large number of Canadian soldiers who perished.  A shame really, as the loss of the storytelling tradition disconnects us from the horrors of war & dulls our ability to be concerned by the continued conflicts & military aggression in our own time.

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