An unlikely pair these partners in profile.

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IKEA Play Cafe

Excuse me for a moment as I geek out about how awesome IKEA’s Pop-up shop/ cafe in Toronto is as a branding concept.  In one word, brilliant.  To set-up a small pop-up shop in the heart of the city, let people play, shop and the while reminding them that a IKEA has all of the things you need for your small downtown space.

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Photo Diary: Bangkok at Night

Before I take you on the next stop on my Thailand adventure, I wanted to share some of the photos I took during my many evening walks in Bangkok.  The heat in Bangkok results in life picking up in the city in the evening hours when it becomes cool enough to be comfortably outdoors.

It is perfectly safe for a woman to be out alone at night in Bangkok.  I took the same precautions as I would at home & never felt in any sort of danger.  So even if you find yourself alone in Bangkok, don’t be afraid to venture out at night.
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Getting Lost in Bangkok’s Chinatown

TheKollektive_Bangkok_ChinaTown_02I planned most of my tourist wanderings in Bangkok based upon destinations I could walk to.  My Thai hosts found this very strange as Thai’s don’t walk much in Bangkok because it’s frankly too hot to do so.  But, I was on vacation so it didn’t matter to me if I was sweaty when I got to my destination & I like to walk to orient myself in a new city.

Bangkok’s Chinatown was within reasonable walking distance … if walking an hour one way is reasonable to you.  To me it was at the time, although it turned out to be decision I questioned on the way home.  “Why don’t you take a Tuk Tuk, Kinga?” You ask, well I would have if the driver’s hadn’t wanted to over charge me by 300%, because they could & another tourist will their price anyways.

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