Memorable Moments of 2014!

the kollektive- 2014ONE : Roadtrip through Santa Catarina, Brasil #livingthedream
Snow has always been apart of my life especially when I was a kid growing up in Calgary. I loved it then but eventually I started to hate the lack of sun, windchill, and snow storms. Like all teenager girls I would day dream about spending weeks by the ocean and with a ridiculously good looking man. So not only do I have the ridiculously good looking man, but one who took my dreams and turned them into reality! We spent three weeks driving along the coast under blue skies with either Jack Johnson, Eric Clapton or Jorge Ben on replay. I still pinch myself to make sure it’s real because I will always think back to those weeks and smile.

the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014TWO : Beach house with sun, sand, cerveja, and family = an amazing way to celebrate my 25th birthday!

the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014THREE : Last minute weekend in Florianopolis!
My husband and I were surprised by a friend’s invitation to spend a weekend in Florianopolis. Every Brazilian I have met has told me that Floripa is an island I need to visit because I would fall in love with the beaches and hippie lifestyle. We had no idea just how amazing the experience would be from trying to being addicted to Acai, seeing Jorge Ben play live at a beach concert, taking a boat to a waterfall and eating the best shrimp ever with amazing friends! I cannot wait to go back to see more of the island and live solely off of Acai and shrimp for a week!

IMG_4948the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014
: Crossing Rio de Janeiro off my list
The trip to Rio marked the first time we both visited Rio, our first trip with couples, and the first time my husband and I flew together. I realize this doesn’t seem like a big deal except for the fact that we both flew to Brasil and Canada separately on two different trips! It was long overdue and as you can see it’s also a big deal for Taylor. While we were there we biked around the city (which was totally overwhleming but really fun), tanned at Ipanema and Copacabana, walked up Escadaria Selarón in Lapa, went to Sugar Loaf Mountain and drank and ate better than I ever expected.


FIVE : Moving to Toronto
I mean, do I really have to explain why I think this one is awesome?

IMG_3771 IMG_4483SIX : Watching Germany win the World Cup!
I’ll be honest, after the Brasil vs. Germany game my house was a bit tense so I didn’t celebrate much when my husband was around. But for me the win was a celebration I had waited for since elementary when I bought my first German flag (as seen in the picture) because I thought Michael Ballack was cute.
IMG_5466IMG_5550SEVEN : Seeing Kings of Leon live!
Since 2008 when Kings of Leon released “Only by the Night”, my sister and I have replayed this album at least 1,678,544,124 times and talked just as much about seeing them perform live. Finally this summer it happened and it was unreal! Check out this link to read more about our experience.

the kollektive- 2014


EIGHT : Best Bachelorette party for the best Bride I know
It was an epic night with a great group of ladies that was only out done a week later at the amazing wedding!

the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014 the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014NINE : Most colourful (and romantic) Fall I can remember in the city

the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014TEN : Freezing my toes at the Santa Claus Parade to watch my little sister’s excitement when the Dora and Santa Claus floats drove by.

ELEVEN : Girl Night’s Out which reminded me how fun it is to dress up and dance!

the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014the kollektive- 2014  TWELVE : We finally went to the Distillery District Christmas Market and loved it!

IMG_8429THIRTEEN : Decorating for Christmas, I mean this just makes me happy

IMG_8693IMG_8669 IMG_8919FOURTEEN : The best Christmas I can remember in years!!
I loved everything from my grumpy-looking husband, to the delicious Polish feast, surprise gifts, laughter, and my mom being more inappropriate than any of us playing Cards Against Humanity. It was nice to be a kid for a few days and not think about what I was going to eat or when the food would be ready. Is it strange that I’m already excited about next Christmas?


10 Times Toronto was Really Good at Giving Advice in 2014

I realized that my city is really good at giving you life advice.  You might not realize it, but all those notes on the bathroom wall, graffiti and quotes on chalk boards have meaning … if you know how to look for it.

My last Kollektive post of 2014 is a list of 10 quotes I found in Toronto this year that give some damn good advice.

10 Times Toronto was Really Good at Giving Advice in 2014

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