Theme of 2016: Not Giving a Fuck

I think most people agree that 2016 has not been the greatest year.  With the deaths, the wars, the terror attacks, the crazy politicians.  I can attest that on a personal side that has  2016 definitely had some very low points.

2016 kicked me in the ass.   2016 got me so low that I cried in my kitchen after the 20th rejection in a never-ending job search, drank too much wine & feared how I was going to pay for the basics in life.  Even after the ass-kicking that was 2016, I choose to focus on the positives of the year as I believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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Summer To Do List: Out of Town Antiquing

Living this summer on a budget I have learned that being outdoors & walking are key ingredients to finding plenty of free or really cheap entertainment.  I’ve walked to & around a lot of places this summer just to get out & occupy my mind.

Embracing the life change that came this year, my summer of 2016 bucket list consists of things that don’t require me to spend any money, or very little money.  Truth time – having to fill my time to avoid the monotony of the job search has made me get creative in ways I never bothered to in the past.  Patio drinks & shopping every weekend are just not an option for me.

So when a friend invited me to join her at on a trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market a few weeks ago, I naturally said yes.  It is on my summer bucket list!

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Life, Lemons & Umbrella’s 

After 30 + years I have learned that sometimes life is like this:

  1. The only clothes you had to wear was a Britney Spears Halloween costume, because someone stole all your clothes.
  2. There was a power outage as you did your make up.
  3. The weather man was right about the forecast.  It rained
  4. As you stood in the rain, in your Britney Spears Halloween costume with make up that looked like it was put on my a 3-year-old, you see the hot guy you run into at the coffee shop.  And he sees you.

life happens gif

Shit happens, no matter what you prepare for.