When Your Horoscope Comes True

You can’t really look to a horoscope written for every person of that said sign, to provide you guidance in life or to give you all the answers.   Yet, sometimes you get one that just make sense and helps to clarify a situation that seemed unclear.

I recently re-read my July horoscope and was surprised by how much it reflected what was going on with me.   My July did have an overall feel of “nervous energy” but resulted in a “brilliant breakthrough” and I did undergo a “breakthrough on emotional issues” I’ve been working on.  And yes July ended as a time to re-build emotionally.

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The Greatest Lessons I learned Working in a Call Center

This week’s Discovery prompt is  “The Greatest ___ in The World” which for some reason got me thinking about my Call Center job & how I learned some of the greatest lessons in the world while working there. 

Last summer I reached that point of my unemployment when I needed to get a job, to pay bills & be productive, or I was going to go insane.   I took a job at a Call Center, fundraising & selling subscription packages for Arts & Culture organizations.  The job was great for that moment.  The money was okay,  the job was hard work & could be extremely boring at times. But, I only  worked 4 hour shift for 5 days a week & I biked to work, which means I saved money & I still had plenty of free time.  It was not the worst way to spend the summer & it sort of turned out to be a very important moment for me.  It humbled me, made me grow & left me with some important life lessons.


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10 Times Toronto was Really Good at Giving Advice in 2014

I realized that my city is really good at giving you life advice.  You might not realize it, but all those notes on the bathroom wall, graffiti and quotes on chalk boards have meaning … if you know how to look for it.

My last Kollektive post of 2014 is a list of 10 quotes I found in Toronto this year that give some damn good advice.

10 Times Toronto was Really Good at Giving Advice in 2014

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