Food of 2016: Kinga’s edition

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To continue this tradition, we are going to look back at some our favourite things of the year.  Food, is one of those things.  We truly do love food – cooking & eating it.

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Friendship & Cookbooks

When I was in my mid 20’s my friend T. gave me a Jamie Oliver cookbook.  It was my first real cookbook.  The kind that requires herbs & spices, & the right cookware.

“It’s perfect for dinner parties,” she told me.

I was still at the level of cooking where I had kind of mastered two meals.  They were good, but experimenting in the kitchen sometimes brought disaster.  I relied more on the how to <insert staple dish>  recipe books, then cookbooks by famous chefs.

I expressed my self-doubt in my cooking abilities to T., but she responded with a “trust me, it’ll come in handy one day.”

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