Music Moment: Devil’s Whisper by Raury

I discovered Raury via a Rolling Stones article, 18 Teens Shaking Up Pop Culture, and after listening to his 2014 Mixtape Indigo Child, I knew I had found my first music moment of 2016.

What’s the gender? I don’t think I can classify it.  I can hear some soul, modern R&B (think Kanye West & Kid Cudi), hop-hop, indie rock and folk. Whatever you want to classify Raury’s sound as, it is fresh, unique, and positive but with a bite of insurgence. I like it. I find it inspiring.

Raury’s debut album,  All We Need, was released in October of 2015 and my favourite track is Devil’s Whispers.  Which seems to be a companion song to God’s Whispers from Indigo Child. Check them out below.