Winter Morning Reflections

We are half-way through December and I feel like it has been packed full of things, stuff, events and other things.  It has been an interesting December.  Don’t get me wrong it has been good, but there were a couple of things and stuff I could have done without.

There are still a few things I want to do before Christmas, like visit the Christmas Market which Klara did earlier this month, and do my Christmas shopping.  But, sometimes I just feel like hibernating in our lovely Christmas decorated house.  And speaking of hibernating, we have started to prepare for ours by getting a new kitchen table, a 1950’s retro kitchen set which I’ve always wanted, and Cards Against Humanity.  Both key to our winter survival strategy.

One thing I realized as I reflected on the past 15 days is that I have done a lot but not taken a lot of pictures.  Which is unusual for me, but it is actually interesting to see how a few photo’s can sum up the tone of your life.

The Kollektive photography snow

The beauty of Toronto’s first snowfall

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