The Real New Years, Canada Day

I always find that January 1st lacks the real sense of renewal  that a new year requires. It might be the Canadian winter or the fact that Christmas can be an exhausting time, but January never feels like the start of it all.  A few years ago I started to feel as if my new year started on July 1st.  Canada Day marked a time of things coming to a close, change and new adventures.  The fact that it was the start of summer didn’t hurt either.

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“Is it Canada’s Day or Canada Day?”

This morning Klara & I both realized that Canada Day snuck up on us this year.  We knew it was coming .. but didn’t think it would come as fast as it did, or be on a Friday? I don’t know which it is, but this morning we realized we didn’t really plan for this day.

We didn’t stock up for a BBQ, plan a party or even get any decorations.

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Happy Kanada Day from the Kollektive !

Today we took advantage of the hot weather and day off in the city by planning a Lazy Backyard Canada Day! Here are our  essentials for pulling it all together:

  • Canada Day themed swag – to show our Canadian pride.
  • Sunscreen & Ray Ban Sunnies – to protect our skin, duh.
  • Red Lipstick – you never know who’s going to drop by.
  • Notebook & sharpies – there for anything.
  • Water, snacks & cold beer – we all get hungry & thirsty.

~ The Kollektive