Blogging Sucks Sometimes

I love to blog but, sometimes it can really suck.

It’s not easy to create new content daily.  A lot goes into it & when your creativity slows to a crawl, your productivity crashes & you can’t finish a thing ..  it sucks to have a blog. When this happens to me, I just take a break from it all.  So apologizes for the recent silence, but blogging is sometimes hard & it sometimes sucks.

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Coincidences & Signs

I haven’t written for a while because something occurred in my life.  I do not want to go into detail about what at this time, but I know you would understand why it took me away from The Kollektive for a while.  What I will tell you is that I once again find myself thinking how strange life is & how it throws things into your path when you least expect them.

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“Is it Canada’s Day or Canada Day?”

This morning Klara & I both realized that Canada Day snuck up on us this year.  We knew it was coming .. but didn’t think it would come as fast as it did, or be on a Friday? I don’t know which it is, but this morning we realized we didn’t really plan for this day.

We didn’t stock up for a BBQ, plan a party or even get any decorations.

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That took longer than I expected



I’ve had a lot of time to think over the past few months.   To think, to plan, to do.  And I had hoped that one of “to-dos” I would tackle with seamless abandon was writing.   I even prepared a writing space & woke up early to write.

Yet, I was never satisfied with anything I wrote.  All my musings on my life,  carefully thought out opinions or humours posts just sat in my draft folder.   I sit in coffee shops staring at the draft folder, trying to figure out what was wrong with the post?  Why couldn’t I finish it? Why couldn’t I publish it?

It was frustrating.  I had ideas.  I had time to do the research I wanted.  I had steely determination, if not motivation, to keep going & failing until I finally succeeded.  Because I would succeed eventually at writing something that I felt I could publish.

One of the issues has been to answer the question of what do I write about?  

I had too many options of topics to write about & not all of them made sense for this blog.

The obvious answer was to use LinkedIn to write about what my more professional interest (i.e. social media marketing, consumer behaviour) & devote this blog to a collection of more personal writing.  But, the answer did not seem obvious to me & when I lost my inspiration & just couldn’t write anything.  I too a break & did other things.

I started to read books.   I started to listen to podcasts.   I listened & took in other people’s perspective. I took the pressure off & allowed myself not to write.

It was great!  And I felt guilty.   But, then slowly I started to write again.   With one key difference, I deleted anything I didn’t think was interesting.  Which turned out to be a lot of things & I also didn’t want to write for the sake of making noise.  I didn’t want to be yet another person writing about Belgium or Ghomeshi, unless I had something of value to add or a passionate perspective on the topic.

I have decided to go with the flow.

And write everyday & publish the most interesting thing I write.




Shock to the System

You are going about your daily routine. Doing the same thing day after day. You are not unhappy, but your not “living your dream” or “living to your full potential” or whatever the life coach experts are calling the feeling of satisfaction one gets when one is living an authentic / real life. 

You have responsibilities, obligations and goals to meet.  You don’t have time, energy or money to take the risk to do something.

Besides, what would people think if you suddenly quit your career, sold your house and moved to Thailand for a year? Or moved in with your parents to start your own business? 

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Where were you 2 months ago today?

I have a tendency to work on draft posts too long, so long that I end up questioning the relevance of the experience or the thought.  So the post wallows in the purgatory of “Draft” forever & then 2 months go by & I wonder does anyone care about what happened 2 months ago?

Quick. What happened two months ago?

I well help you, it was Thursday August 27th …

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Where I stand with my baguette

This was my early fall outfit: Chunky v-neck cream sweater, black & gray stripped pencil skirt, paired with metallic flats & my red coat.

It was an outfit made for a where I stand / outfit of the day selfie.  Which is not easy to get right, by the way.  I have a lot of respect for the fashion bloggers & Instagramers who make this look so easy.  It is not easy to look casual as you are bending forwards to take a picture of your outfit. Those that make this type of picture look natural. just have a lot of practice & maybe more flexibility.  They also don’t care if 50 people seem them in the park, awkwardly bending over as they search for the perfect angle. That is their real power.

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