adidas Presents the Fashionable Dystopian Future

In advertising even the dystopian future is filled with ridiculously good-looking and fashionable humans.  When looking from a sci-fi purist point of view,  Terence Neale short film for adidas is not the most realistic portrayal of a dystopian future but it is still a beautifully shot and well imaged film.

I like it and I think that adidas’ target will like it too.




the kollektive

Working through a creative block earlier this month, I played around with a bunch of magazine ads and the natural light. This magazine cut out was my favourite because of the graffiti, bikes, and the complimentary placement of the models. The ad is less about what the beautiful women are wearing and more about the overall feel of the image. How your eye is drawn to the bold red “Do Not Enter” sign against the cool blue tones and monochromatic wardrobe. It also reminds me of the sunny days in Toronto spent brunching, biking, or lounging at the parks.

For the love of Joan Didion

Since becoming the face of Celine, Joan Didion has been getting a lot of love online.  Her packing list has become a Tumblr must-have. The Washington Post did a piece on Joan Didion representing the triumph of “the Smart Girl. i-D explored Didion’s Tumblr Currency.   Then there is the infamous $1,200 Joan Didion jacket, which has sold out in case you were rushing for your credit card to get it.

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Hotness: Mad Men’s Jon Hamm gives advice to Teenage girls

Not like we needed another reason to find Jon Hamm hot, his Mad Men suits do that on a weekly basis, but in case that didn’t “do it” for you, maybe this will.  This being, a scruffy John Hamm giving advice to teen girls as part of Rookie’s “Ask a Grown Man” series, making it clear that men are just human beings who have opinions and get obsessive crushes.

Dear Brand, I think you’ve been faking your feelings.

What is a brand? A brand is a product you are willing to pay for because it makes you feel something.  Owing it makes you feel good about yourself in some way. You feel satisfaction or pride or just plain happiness.

Which is different from fulfilling a need.  You need to eat, you need to drink, you need to take care of you bodily needs.  Not the type of things you’d spend your extra dollars on, well except maybe the “to eat” part.

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