Photo of the Day: Danger

Life comes at you without warning.

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An evening of Art at the AGO

Kinga Potrzebowski Sketch

Lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired, uncreative & a bit lazy. There are things I need to do & things I want to & can do, but sometimes it is hard to find the motivation.  And I am out of practice with in applying my creative talents to artistic or experimental or even just purely creative endeavors.

Still, all excuses.  So last Wednesday I biked my butt down to the AGO for an afternoon of free art to get some inspiration.

Bonus life points: the AGO has free general admission on Wednesday nights.
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Where were you 2 months ago today?

I have a tendency to work on draft posts too long, so long that I end up questioning the relevance of the experience or the thought.  So the post wallows in the purgatory of “Draft” forever & then 2 months go by & I wonder does anyone care about what happened 2 months ago?

Quick. What happened two months ago?

I well help you, it was Thursday August 27th …

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