When Your Horoscope Comes True

You can’t really look to a horoscope written for every person of that said sign, to provide you guidance in life or to give you all the answers.   Yet, sometimes you get one that just make sense and helps to clarify a situation that seemed unclear.

I recently re-read my July horoscope and was surprised by how much it reflected what was going on with me.   My July did have an overall feel of “nervous energy” but resulted in a “brilliant breakthrough” and I did undergo a “breakthrough on emotional issues” I’ve been working on.  And yes July ended as a time to re-build emotionally.

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Charlottesville: There is only one side

Seeing Nazi’s and White Supremacist marching down the streets of Charlottesville chanting straight from the Hitlerjugend handbook was terrifyingly sad, yet not that surprising.    Seeing the amount of “normal good people” who seem to be okay with the situation or who believe that the “alt-left” was just as bad (if not worse) was devastating.

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Why Don’t We Celebrate Women’s Day in Canada?

Header photo is of my Great-Grandmother Irena Michalak who worked as a nurse during WW2. 

My first memory of Women’s Day is from kindergarten.   It was the 1980’s in Poland & our teacher told us it was Women’s Day & we were celebrating women & girls.  The boys all made gifts to give to the girls in the class & I remember feeling special , & excited by the acknowledgment.

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Endings & Beginnings

Taking stock of your year can be a daunting experience, especially if you feel you haven’t accomplish any of the things you wanted or haven’t “lived enough”.   I’ve been there.  It is not fun to look at yourself honestly & to admit that you didn’t do anything because YOU didn’t do anything.  But, realizing you are what is standing in your own way is the first step to getting out of your own way.

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Seeing the Beauty of Winter

Once a year draws to an end & a new one begins, I tend to get introverted & contemplative. I go through this process of recalling the things I wanted to do, the things I did, the things I didn’t do in the past year & what I want to do in the new year.

Maybe it is because I have to endure winter on top of the realization that time will pass without waiting for me, but I enter a semi-vegetated state of laziness in early January.  I really do not want to do much, not even write.

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The Sun’s War on Bikes Continues

At times I imagine that The Sun’s editorial board brainstorm sessions are centered around “Things We Hate” followed by “Things We Are Offended By”.   As June is Bike Month The Sun has inevitably launched its blitzkrieg on Enemy #1 – Bikes, people who ride them, the “bike lanes” they ride on & the politicians who support them.

To kick off this years Bike Month, The Sun has published a lovely piece by Mike Strobel (the guy with “off beat views”) entitled Happy $#@%$& Bike Month!

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Shock to the System

You are going about your daily routine. Doing the same thing day after day. You are not unhappy, but your not “living your dream” or “living to your full potential” or whatever the life coach experts are calling the feeling of satisfaction one gets when one is living an authentic / real life. 

You have responsibilities, obligations and goals to meet.  You don’t have time, energy or money to take the risk to do something.

Besides, what would people think if you suddenly quit your career, sold your house and moved to Thailand for a year? Or moved in with your parents to start your own business? 

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Everyday Questions you always answer “yes” to

We always focus on how the big decisions shape our lives, but sometimes it is the small, daily choices that have the biggest impact.  Making the choice to go left rather than right, or washing your hair in the morning, can result in taking you down a new path in life.

And the thing with daily choices is … you should probably say yes to most of those little questions you ask yourself through out the day.

I am one of those people who thinks out loud  & end up verbalizing my daily decision making.  Since I live with people, I end up getting answers to these questions from others. And I have learned that  there are some questions that I always get  a “Yes” answer to.

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9 Reasons Long Weekends are the Best

Today is not just another Friday, it’s the first day of August and the start of the long weekend!!! So aside from having to schedule beer runs, here’s why we love long weekends:

1. Last minute Thursday night plans are just what you need. You have an extra day off after tomorrow, so it’s technically the long weekend already, right?

2. Do we need a better reason to cheers and drink? It’s the long weekend!

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