Memories of Mirvish Village

The second post in my Memories of Toronto’s Honest Ed’s series in honour of the last days of the bargain store’s life.  You can read Memories of Honest Ed’s here

Mirvish Village, is a collection of bars & shops in old Victorian houses along Markham Street. It is a neighbourhood that defined Toronto for me & seemed to be the perfect meeting places of artists, musicians, intellectuals & dreamers.

Now that I am looking back, I realize that Mirvish Village represented an idealized dream of the intellectual artists life that I always wanted to pursue, but was too sacred to.  Instead I went the corporate route & now that I am ready to embark upon the path of a modern artists, the community of my youthful fantasies is about to be torn down.

There is irony in this somewhere. Or it is a sign.  Regardless, I will feel the loss of Markham Street.


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Toronto’s Leonard Cohen Tribute

I developed an appreciation for Leonard Cohen in my teens.  I hadn’t noticed the music of Leonard Cohen in my house earlier, but when my dad bought the album The Future I couldn’t get enough of it.  I am pretty sure I took the album hostage for years.

For me, the death of Leonard Cohen was very personal.  When I found out that Toronto’s Choir! Choir! Choir!, a none-traditional open choir group, was putting on a Tribute to Leonard Cohen at Christie Pits park on November 16th, I knew I was going.  It was meant to be.

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Summer To Do List: Adulting at Bestival

If I can share one piece of life wisdom with you today it is this:

Spend your time & money on experiences that you love. 

It doesn’t matter how much money you make (well it does obviously, but stay with me), what is the point of making money if you can never enjoy it?  So if you can do one thing with your budget this summer – pick one experience you REALLY want & spend it on that.

I have never regretted the time & money I spent on a trip or a concert.  I do however regret the time I spent working myself to exhaustion & the money I spent on too many pair of shoes that I don’t wear.  Even thought I may have been as poor as a church mouse after my first trip to London I have never regretted the trip.

A summer tradition that Klara & I started accidentally a few years ago, is attending at least one outdoor concert or festival in the Summer.  Because, we only get so many months of summer in Toronto & we love music.  It started with the Kings of Leon concert we attended in 2014, then continued with Edgefest in 2015 to see Milky Chance & in 2016 we went to Bestival Toronto!

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Last Night: “There Goes My Head” Album Release Party

This past Sunday our talented friend Noah Pascoe celebrated the release of his debut solo album, “There Goes My Head“, and his impending life altering move to Thailand.

Pascoe’s Last Waltz

The album release party was held at Kicking Tire Studio and had a chill, celebratory vibe that comes about when one brings together ones various groups of friends to celebrate an achievement.

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