A Reminder To Enjoy Life

About 4 weeks ago I was feeling anxious, I felt I was losing that basic essence of excitement about life that I had found in Thailand.  I started to write a short and simple reminder to myself to just enjoy life.  I never finished it.

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Why I Went to Thailand

This jet lag is awful. I’ve never felt so physically & mentally exhausted.  The worst is the wave of exhaustion that flows in out of nowhere.  I’ll be going about my day-to-day life & than bam! I am exhausted & just want to sleep. Why? “Oh yea it’s 3 am in Thailand right now, the place I’ve been living for a month.  No wonder I’m feeling weird.”  But, I’m sleeping better & now it is time to start telling you about my Thailand adventure.  I’m going to begin by telling you why I went in the first place.

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Seeing the Beauty of Winter

Once a year draws to an end & a new one begins, I tend to get introverted & contemplative. I go through this process of recalling the things I wanted to do, the things I did, the things I didn’t do in the past year & what I want to do in the new year.

Maybe it is because I have to endure winter on top of the realization that time will pass without waiting for me, but I enter a semi-vegetated state of laziness in early January.  I really do not want to do much, not even write.

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Theme of 2016: Not Giving a Fuck

I think most people agree that 2016 has not been the greatest year.  With the deaths, the wars, the terror attacks, the crazy politicians.  I can attest that on a personal side that has  2016 definitely had some very low points.

2016 kicked me in the ass.   2016 got me so low that I cried in my kitchen after the 20th rejection in a never-ending job search, drank too much wine & feared how I was going to pay for the basics in life.  Even after the ass-kicking that was 2016, I choose to focus on the positives of the year as I believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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The Path

I discovered a forest the other day.

I usually stick to the paved path when I walk through this park as I know where it will take me & get me there quickly.  But, yesterday I felt the pull of the path less travelled, as  I wanted to immerse myself in nature for a moment, to escape the silent demands of humanity.

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Coincidences & Signs

I haven’t written for a while because something occurred in my life.  I do not want to go into detail about what at this time, but I know you would understand why it took me away from The Kollektive for a while.  What I will tell you is that I once again find myself thinking how strange life is & how it throws things into your path when you least expect them.

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I woke up at 6 am today & it was Awesome

I have always thought that I am not one of those early riser, happy, morning people & have recently become a complete night owl.  The one that stay up until 4 am & sleeps until noon.  Which is great, if you are a college student, but less great when you are an adult trying to get things done.  Things like write for this blog, but there always seemed to be a good excuse.  It’s too hot.  I have no ideas.  I forgot to update my domain. Allergies.

But, this morning I woke up at 6 am & felt this magical essence of happy creative productivity.  I was like “I get it guys! I get you morning people! This is amazing! Hilary I get it!” 

So here I am awake at 7 am on a Monday after an amazing nights sleep, during which I actually had dreams, feeling awesome & eager to conquer the day.   As I write this I have decided that this is day one of my sleep reform as I am going to be  morning person this fall.  To help me keep this new-found eagerness to wake up early I am going to prepare a list of all of the reasons why being a night person is less than ideal.

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