My Story of Refurbishing Vintage Store bought Furniture

I have read the blogs of Furniture DIY Queens with amazement & a slight sense of envy at these women.  They seem to be constantly refurbishing furniture they found on the street or pimping out Ikea furniture ,& the result is flawless & unique decor on a budget.

I admit I have always wanted to be one of these DIY Queens.  I have some basic carpentry skills, expensive taste but a Value Village budget so there has always been an appeal to “making my own furniture”.   Time seems to be the only thing that was standing in my way.

This July I decided to take my first plunge into Furniture DIY & refurbish a cabinet I bought this past fall at a vintage shop.   I’m proud of the final result but, it was not as easy as I thought! The experience did however inspire me to write my own DIY blog post in the popular format, with a twist of “real talk”.

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The Kollektive’s Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Don’t panic if you don’t have a Halloween costume.

This happens to us regularly.

With a few exceptions, over the years we usually leave our Halloween costumes to the last-minute.  This means, we have a couple of purchased costumes we relay upon , experience in pulling a costume out of our own closets & DIY’ing costumes with a trip to the craft store.

So if you happen to be looking for a last-minute Halloween costumer idea for women, look no further as The Kollektive is here to save the day!

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DIY Photo Shoot

We see it all the time in our news feeds, we’re talking about scrolling through a number of announcements, birthday celebrations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, and graduations. We want to capture every milestone to have a reference for later and to share with loved ones.

I had very little time to plan my wedding when I got married four years ago and I had no idea what kind of photos to take or details to capture. I have photos of course, but none taken by a professional or those classic couple shots that you can develop and have on display around the house. Celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary last month I decided that it’s been long enough and I want my couple photos. I started looking for photo shoot themes and quickly realized that nothing specific exists for the fourth anniversary. Initially I was frustrated, that is until I realized this meant I had complete freedom to plan the story and look of the shoot!

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