Photo of the Day: Merry Christmas


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Christmas in Toronto

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas Eve!  Enjoy this special time with your loved ones, remember those we’ve lost, but don’t forget to laugh, eat a lot & love each other.

Thank you for reading this blog this past year & as my gift to you all here are some photo’s of Christmas in Toronto. We don’t have a lot of snow today & the weather is balmy, but our spirit is strong.

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An Ode to Christmas Decorating

I love Christmas.  It is the one season of the year when decorating your house in fake plants, things in the colour red, lights & sparkly things, is completely legit.  Cool even. Yet, any other time of the year (with the exception of Halloween) you would be considered a person of questionable taste.  Like that aunt of your childhood friend who had handmade Crochet Doll Toilet Paper covers  that matched the decor of each bathroom.  But, not Christmas. During Christmas it is totally okay to live out your decorating, entertaining & fashion choices as if you we Clark Griswald.

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Music Moment Monday: Wham! “Last Christmas”

Good Morning!

This week’s music monday is dedicated to the best season of the year – Christmas.

The song? An old favourite that has the right mix of cheer and cheese to keep your heart warm.

And since it is Christmas, this Music Monday comes with a bonus, some original Wham! Last Christmas album art.

wham last christmas 2 wham1

Oh man, I love the ’80s.

Merry Almost Christmas!