Photo Diary: Xpace Cultural Centre July Exhibitions Opening Reception

July is a month that requires a look back post, but first it requires context, so I here is the post I meant to post in July as a photo diary of the day I went to a random art exhibit because I missed art. 

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An evening of Art at the AGO

Kinga Potrzebowski Sketch

Lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired, uncreative & a bit lazy. There are things I need to do & things I want to & can do, but sometimes it is hard to find the motivation.  And I am out of practice with in applying my creative talents to artistic or experimental or even just purely creative endeavors.

Still, all excuses.  So last Wednesday I biked my butt down to the AGO for an afternoon of free art to get some inspiration.

Bonus life points: the AGO has free general admission on Wednesday nights.
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Vintage Communist Posters for International Woman’s Day

To mark today’s celebration we are taking a look at vintage communist International Women’s day propaganda posters. 

Started by the Socialist movement in Europe, the tradition of celebrating March 8th as International Woman’s Day flourished in post World War 2 communist countries.  With this tradition came the annual production of propaganda posters to educate the people on the celebration.

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