It was a year of… it was 2016

Looking back on 2016, most of my memories are work, work, work. I’ll never forget New Year’s Eve 2015, it sucked. Not only was I the manager on duty, but I had the added pressure of making sure all the numbers balanced. Wouldn’t you know it was the worst closing I had, multiple discrepancies which lead to searching through paperwork, calling customers, and watching the time creep later and later. I left work 2 hours later than expected, tired, stressed out, and just miserable. I ended up fighting with my husband and bailing on my plans to celebrate. Happy fuckin New Year…

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Bongo Bong

For today we chose a song that compliments the current heatwave we are experiencing!! Also in honour of yesterday, which was the hottest day of the year here in Toronto! Ironically the same day we decided to check out the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) yesterday and yes we noticed the heat.

Click play and try to not swing those hips and picture yourself with a mojito (or caipirinha)

Happy Bastille Day

During a string of hot days in May 2009 I explored the beautiful streets of Paris, sipped coffee at cafes and indulged in local cuisine three times a day. I made sure to visit Versailles and witness the decadence of the grounds myself. I feel in love with Paris and can’t wait to plan a trip back to explore some more!

the kollektive

#throwbacktuesday Paris 2009


the kollektive

Working through a creative block earlier this month, I played around with a bunch of magazine ads and the natural light. This magazine cut out was my favourite because of the graffiti, bikes, and the complimentary placement of the models. The ad is less about what the beautiful women are wearing and more about the overall feel of the image. How your eye is drawn to the bold red “Do Not Enter” sign against the cool blue tones and monochromatic wardrobe. It also reminds me of the sunny days in Toronto spent brunching, biking, or lounging at the parks.

DIY Photo Shoot

We see it all the time in our news feeds, we’re talking about scrolling through a number of announcements, birthday celebrations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, and graduations. We want to capture every milestone to have a reference for later and to share with loved ones.

I had very little time to plan my wedding when I got married four years ago and I had no idea what kind of photos to take or details to capture. I have photos of course, but none taken by a professional or those classic couple shots that you can develop and have on display around the house. Celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary last month I decided that it’s been long enough and I want my couple photos. I started looking for photo shoot themes and quickly realized that nothing specific exists for the fourth anniversary. Initially I was frustrated, that is until I realized this meant I had complete freedom to plan the story and look of the shoot!

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