About The Kollketive

The Kollektive is the Lifestyle Blog of Polish sister duo of Kinga Potrzebowski & Klara Bertram. It is the shared creative outlet & home of the things that inspire us & that we love. This blog is our Kollektive Point of View & our journey in Adulting. 

thekollektive_kingaAbout Kinga:

Kinga has a background in Digital Marketing & has worked on some of Canada’s most love brands.  She is a personal blogger who isn’t afraid to share her life experiences, emotions, opinions & struggles.

She likes to think she’s learned some bits of wisdom in the last 30+ years that others might find insightful & amusing.  She is passionate about the Arts, Science-fiction, Social Media Marketing, Cooking & trying to live life without sweating the small stuff.

Adulting Level: Semi-adult.  Pays bills on time, makes 1 year plans, but always jumps in piles of leaves.

Some of my most popular blog posts:

kollektive_klaraAbout Klara:

Klara is happily married to the love of her life, living in Toronto with a very cool cat named Ziggy.  With a background in Sales & Customer Service, Klara is entrepreneurial by nature, a leader & woman of strength.

As a blogger she focused on photography, her travel experiences & unique sense of fashion.  She is passionate about the Arts, Fashion, Cooking & Travel.  She is currently on a quest to live her life’s dream of figuring out her life’s dream, one day at a time.

Adulting Level: Semi-adult.  Makes budgets that she sticks to, but doesn’t want to subscribe to society’s idea of what adulthood is.

Some of my most popular blog posts:

If you want to contact us please email us at: thekollektiveto@gmail.com




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