Please excuse my ghosting

Can we all admit that 2018 has been a bit stressful and draining?  

Yes? Then I feel we can all excuse my lack of creative output this year because of these reasons – its been a stressful and draining year. 
 I also had to use all of my creative reserves professionally and not much was left over afterward.  I wasn’t sure what to write about anymore? I guess it may be time for a change for the Kollektive?
Decisions for another time, for now I’ll fill you in on some of the great things that have been happening. 

2018 the Year of 36 Months

The second-half of 2018 has been quietly (calmly?) eventful. I had a lovely birthday surprise weekend getaway to Niagara Falls. 

Klara and I said goodbye to summer with the last patio of the season in Kensington Market.  A treat as we didn’t indulge in patio’s this year.  

I finally got to see Yellow Days in concert and add their album to my vinyl collection!  Yellow Days is a band I discovered last year when we were planning our European Trip. London had been on our consideration list and Yellow Days was one of the bands who had a show on. 

And now it’s December and it has  been lovely. I have stresses like everyone else.  There are days they get to me but mostly I try not to let the negative dominate and focus on the little things. Saturday mornings spent in bed,  reading good books, cooking soups and weekly family dinners. 

Daily Rambles

I started walking to work.  
The motivation was financial, but I’ve come to love my daily walks.  
The morning walk helps me deal with the anxiety and stress of the upcoming work day.  Instead of worrying about what could happen that day, I would listen to a podcast and walk away every piece of anxiety. 

I explored different routes on my daily walks to find the best route.  I saw a different part of the neighbourhood I frequent daily.
Having followed this routine for over a month now, I admit I love it.


The BIG news  is that I adopted a adorable kitten from a family in Caledon.  They found this tiny, malnourished kitten in their garage, without any idea how she got there or where she came from.  
She is named after the OG female finale survivor, Ellen Ripley.  

Ripley has brought a new energy to my home.  I don’t just mean insane Kitten energy! Although there is plenty of that!
A home is just different with a pet in it.   


My studio apartment! 

After months of largely ignoring the decor and design of my studio apartment, I’ve started hygge-ing out in preparing for the coming winter months. 
The biggest decision I had to make was – TV or no TV? If you live in a studio you know that each piece of floor and wall space is precious.  
I had to ask myself if I needed to spare the wall and floor space for a TV? I don’t have cable, I don’t watch that much sports, so what do I need a TV for?
What I did need was a sofa that was large enough for two people to comfortably sit on. 
So the decision was made – I would get a sofa and forget the TV. 

The Great Sofa Search of 2018 

I’ve been looking at potential sofa’s for a few months anyways.  The Brick and IKEA had the best sofa design in my price range.  But, before I committed to $300+ for a brand new sofa I checked Craigslist.

And wow. Did I get lucky.  I found a brand new sofa for 80 on Craiglists.  The owner of the sofa had moved out of Toronto and wanted to get rid of it quickly.  

 The whole sofa purchase situation was peak Toronto:
1.  I seller told me to just pick up the sofa from his porch and e-transfer him the funds.
2. The neighbour across the street helped me and my friend move the couch. Which we had to place on-top of her car because the measurements were not 100% right. But, she turned out to be a sailor and that came in handy!
3. We drove her Kia Soul, with a sofa on the roof on the Rosedale Valley Road. And I worried the whole time that the damn sofa would fall of the roof and I don’t know what I would do then!
4. I in part got the sofa because I was adopting a kitten and the kitten needed a place to hang out. 

 And that has been the start of my winter.  Up next Christmas! Which a tarot reader during my trip to Calgary told me would be “extra special” so here’s to ending 2018 with an extra dose of magic. 


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