The Great Week of Breakfast Sandwiches

What is your favourite breakfast food?  Mine is a sandwich.  It’s filling, quick to make & each one is different.  I came from a family where the sad sandwich does not exist.  We pride ourselves on creating delicious appetizers & meals that live between 2 pieces of bread.

In honour of Sandwich Day,  I recorded the sandwich I had for breakfast every day last week.  The goal was to get as creative as I could with the ingredients I had in the house.

Week of Breakfast Sandwiches in Pictures


Egg Sunny-side up Sandwich


Avocado with Chili Oil


Scrambled egg with Spinach


Duck pate with Spinach


Avocado with hard boiled egg


Scrambled egg with spinach & tomato


Avocado & egg tuna

The key thing to making a great sandwich is the bread.  You want freshly baked bread with some added ingredients like seeds, lavender, rye or potato & onion.  Whatever it is, it should just not be Wonder Bread.   Second, you can pretty much make anything into a sandwich … maybe not rice, rice wouldn’t work, but eggs, avocado, fried mushrooms .. anything goes!



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