Day Trippin’ in the Rocky Mountains


Looking sharp at a wedding

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September! It feels like only yesterday we were getting ready to head to Calgary for a family wedding.

It was a whirlwind of a week!  I did not expect family weddings to be so ….. busy.  I naively thought I was just a guest … yet it makes total sense as I’m family and who else is going to help with all of the last-minute wedding details expect family?

But, this post isn’t about the wedding which was beautiful, full of special moments and memories. Lots of people cried, which should tell you a lot about this wedding.  This is about our Calgary Rocky mountain road-trip! A fairly standard, tourist trip for Calgary and yet not because, have you seen the mountains???

Calgary Rocky Mountain Road Trip


On the road

One the things we did during our trip is watch old family VHS tapes. The kinds that were filmed in the 80s and 90s by dads across the world who had just gotten their first video camera. As immigrants they also filmed all of the things they would show their family back home – their homes (including all of the bathrooms), their new cities and whatever holiday / family gathering occurred.

We hadn’t seen these tapes in years, decades maybe so .. there were surprises of childhood embarrassment! Mostly we enjoyed classic early 90s dad videography of random voice overs and close-ups.  This inspired us to record our trip to the Rockies in a similar way as we wanted to capture the same trip our parents took and  maybe one day we’d compare the two.  Even though we have a camera in our hands at all times, we realized we don’t film as much of the mundane, imperfect daily moments as our parents did. Everything we share is perfect, curated and part of our “brand”.

Two Jack Lake, Alberta


The greatest thing about driving through the mountains is that you can stop at look out points along the way.  These stops only purpose is to allow you to enjoy a particular view. Our first such stop was at Two Jack Lake.  It was beautiful and the kids climbed a wall, successfully and no one was hurt.

Lake Minnewanka, Alberta


Lake Minnewanka

I don’t remember Lake Minnewanka,  although I’m sure we visited it when we lived in Calgary.  Maybe it’s changed a lot as there were a lot of tourists and when I lived in Calgary there were a lot less tourist. I don’t know why it isn’t a place a remember clearly as others but, I loved Lake Minnewanka!  It’s a beautiful spot, with what looks like good hiking and a great place to spend an afternoon BBQing and hanging out in nature.  For the day-trip it’s on the way to Banff, why wouldn’t you stop here?

Banff, Alberta


Ah Banff, a place I’ve been to many, many times.  It is the Niagara Lake of Alberta, a place you take every visiting family and friend.  Yes go there, walk the strip, buy something and go to a restaurant for a bite to eat before you continue on our journey.  We went to a local Chinese restaurant, Silver Dragon Banff,  which was had delicious food and a spot I recommend if you don’t feel like eating at an American Tourist chain restaurant.

Lake Louise, Alberta


You have to go to Lake Louise if you are in Calgary.  You do not want to miss this!  Lake Louise is a glacial lake and absolutely breathtaking. I’ve seen a few beautiful oceans and lakes in my life but, there is nothing like Lake Louise.  It is a turquoise blue lake tucked in between massive mountains.  I totally understood why people go to this hotel it would be amazing to wake up in the morning and see this view.

“We are the adults!”

Even though my cousin Dom and I are in our late 30’s, and our younger siblings are both happily responsible, married people, we all still felt like “the kids” who do what the Adults told us to on this trip. Does everyone experience regression to childhood around family as an adult?  At one point as we were driving in the car and as Dom voiced her frustrating with being told what to do I reminded her that on this trip, “we are the adults.” This is our adult trip, we are in charge.  So regardless of who says what, what we say goes.

It was a bit of revelation ;).


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