Last Day in Chiang Mai


Kao Soi Soup

You know I really did like Chiang Mai and I know that if I was staying in a different hostel I would have enjoyed my time more.  But, at the time I just wanted to go to Pai, where I hoped things would be better.

And even though I was starting to feel ill on my last day I still went out, as I really didn’t want to be at the hostel with my ever-present and obnoxious hostel mates.  They were quite terrible actually, they made fun of the new German guests who seemed like perfectly decent guys.  I couldn’t wait to get away!

After visiting all of the temples I just walked along the wall and  through the center, exploring parts of Chiang Mai I hadn’t seen yet.  I also ate the famous Kao Soi soup, the Curry Noodle soup that Chiang Mai is known for.  It was amazing, spicy, full of flavour and the crunchy noodles added a delicious texture!

Strolling in Chiang Mai


On my last day I walked through the smaller streets and roads and I had previously ignored.  I found some lovely streets full of hostels, backpackers, cafes and a book store called The Lost Book Used Book Store.  I had an impressive collection of foreign language books and I bought one about the teachings of Buddhism as by this point in my trip I had become touched by the spirituality around me and wanted to learn more.

Graffiti of Chiang Mai


If you’ve been reading my blog you know I love Graffiti.  To me it is a legitimate art form that we get to enjoy on our streets. Chiang Mai had some interesting and very unique graffiti.

Kao Soi Soup at Mae Pa Sri


Mae Pa Sri is a must visit

If you can find Mae Pa Sri I recommend you do.  Chiang Mai has a lot of restaurants and the pricey, larger operations are located along the main roads.  If you want something authentic, a bit cheaper and family run head to a place like Mae Pa Sri.  It will not disappoint!  When I was there I was surprised that more people weren’t there enjoying the delicious food they had.  I had the Kao Soi Soup and a Banna Spring Roll for desert.


Architecture of the old center of Chiang Mai

I don’t remember how much longer I walked around but I eventually got tiered.  Although the Kao Soi Soup had helped to give me some energy in the early evening I got tiered and headed back to the hostel to get some sleep, as I was getting up early the next day to head to Pai! A place everyone told me was amazing.

Next Up. Pai Thailand! 


2 thoughts on “Last Day in Chiang Mai

  1. Dave says:

    I traveled to Thailand earlier this month and Chiang Mai was definitely my favorite by far. I miss Chiang Mai so much. Thanks for sharing.

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