Usaquen Sunday Market, Bogotá

UBmarket-11My last day in Bogotá was a Sunday and as my flight didn’t leave until midnight, I had a full day to do whatever I wanted.  I choose to go to the Usaquen Sunday Market, a weekly fair and flea market, in the Usaquen neighbourhood.  A part of Bogotá I hadn’t yet been to and I wanted to buy some gifts.

The market is full of your standard tourist vendors which sell things that you can buy anywhere.  Usaquen Sunday Market also  featured many local artisans. I was tempted to buy some of the canned salsa and spices but, wasn’t sure if I could take them back so sadly did not.  Instead I bought some jewelry. I didn’t bother to haggle as the prices were very reasonable and I want to support these artists who spend their time creating things they love.

Walking along Calle 7


Calle 7 on a Sunday

Every Sunday Bogotá closes Calle 7 to motor traffic and the street is taken over my cyclists and pedestrians for a few hours.  I had planned on taking a bus to the Usaquen Sunday Market but, it wouldn’t stop for me and so I ended up walking.  While this almost 2 hour walk may not be for everyone it was a lot of fun.  It’s not every day you get to walk on a major street and I got to see more of Bogotá this way.

Usaquen Sunday Market


Usaquen Sunday Market

Usaquen is a more upscale neighbourhood and filled with restaurants and cafes. This gives the flea market a more upscale feeling.  The Usaquen  Sunday Market is not the largest market I’ve been to but, its charming.


El Altillo Del Sol Cafe

After walking almost 2 hours to get to the market, I walked around until I found the El Altillo Del Sol Cafe to stop at for a break, and a tea and sandwich.  I liked it, it’s an upscale, artsy cafe with pretty good food.  My coffee was delicious but, I found my sandwich had way too much mozzarella cheese.  I found that Colombians really, and I mean really, like their cheese and when a dish has cheese it has CHEESE.

As I mentioned, the market is full of your regular tourist wares but, if you look you will find many local artisans there as well.  Those are the ones you want to look for if you’re looking for hand-made jewellery, artisanal food such as salsa, sauce and spices or an authentic Colombian poncho.  I found the artist Bera who was selling her lovely woven jewellery and bought two necklaces.  I regret not purchasing some of the salsa and sauces being sold but, I wasn’t sure if I could legally bring it back to Canada.

Usaquen Market was a relaxing, slow-paced and offered plenty of people watching opportunities.  I walked just enough to tire myself out for my red-eye flight that night.  I can say that it was the perfect way to spend my last day in Bogotá.


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