Museums of Bogotá

IMG_1339.jpgI was pleasantly surprised by the museums in Bogotá.   To ensure all Bogotáns have the opportunity for cultural enrichment, all of the musuems offer one admission free day.  Something I support! Free access to a museum or art gallery can really be an uplifting moment in your life.  When I was unemployed I would regularly go to the AGO on Wednesday night and it made a huge difference. It took my mind off my worries and took me to a place of wonder.

I did not go to all of the museums in Bogotá.  So this is not a comprehensive list all of the must-see museums and I’m sure I missed on some that others would say require a visit.   I visited about 6 museums in totally.  The most on my first day in Bogotá, which was a Monday and I had plenty of time after the Graffiti Tour!  But, this is the list of the I’d recommend.

Museo Botero

5/5.  Must see! Donated art by the famous Fernando Botero and admission is free.

Price: Free of charge.


Botero Museum houses 208 art pieces donated by the famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero, 123 of his own pieces and others by artists such as Klimt, Picasso and Monet.  It’s a glimpse into the life of the famed artist and I found his own work to be the most fascinating.  I had seen his work but, just one of the famous pieces and to see more of his work, especially the more political art made me feel as if I understood a bit more about Colombia.

Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia -MAMU

4.5/5. A great modern art museum and yes you should see it on Monday.

Price: Free on Monday’s


Museo De Arte Miguel Urrutia is located next to the Botero Museum and housed some very unique and interesting contemporary art pieces. This was my second favourite museum – I love art and I love contemporary art.  I did know any thing about Colombia’s contemporary art movement and to see the Colombian interpretation of the abstract or minimalism movement revealed a whole new take on art I love.  The history of colonialism, violence and classicism of Colombia is stamped in its art.

Museo del Oro (Gold Museum)

Rating: 3/5. Super popular but, not as much gold as you expect.

Price: Free on Sunday’s.


One of the most popular tourists spots to visit, the Museo del Oro was not as impressive as it sounds – I was expecting WAY more gold .  Maybe it is because, like its coffee, all of the best gold is not to be found in Colombia but in the West ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .  It is still an important museum for the history of the country and one that shows you the damage colonialism inflected. To think this rich culture was destroyed by Europeans is very sad.  Think what our world would be like if Europeans had wanted to build a relationship  versus pillage and conquer? I was but, I’d recommend you visit this on its free day if your short on budget.

Up next, a super easy day trip to Villa De Leiva.


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