Candelaria, Bogotá


Calle del Embudo

Candelaria is the old, historic part of Bogotá and houses the majority of the things any traveler to Bogotá would want to see.  Plaza Bolívar, the Gold Museum, Monserrate, Botero Museum, Calle del Embudo, the less well-known La Candelaria Park and Journalist Park, which is the location of the TransMilenio station Jimenez.

There are a couple of ways you can see Candelaria.  You can just go there by yourself or you can join one of the many free walking tours.  I recommend taking a walk tour to orient yourself and get some tips from the tour guide! Unfortunately, Candelaria and in particular the famous Calle del Embudo, is known to be an area where tourists are at risk of being pick pocketed.  Not because the neighborhood itself is unsafe, although there is a lot of visible poverty, but as it is central and attracts tourists, it also attracts pick pockets.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that the orderly, repetitive and obvious street signage is an obsession of Northern Cultures.  I guess when turning on the wrong street = freezing to death in winter, the need to it very clear what street is coming up.  Street signage in Bogotá follows the Southern trend of plaques on buildings, maybe signage at major intersection for motorist and side streets are just sides streets.  This means that getting around Candelaria can be … interesting at first.  You don’t learn the streets so much as you learn landmarks.  Downloading Google Maps helps a lot as does realizing that the mountains are east.

The things you will see in Candelaria


Whether you consider graffiti art or not, Bogotá’s graffiti will convince you it is art.   I will go more in-depth in another post about Bogotá famous Graffiti Tour but, here is a sneak peek at some of the graffiti you will see in Candelaria.


Calle del Embudo.

The famous “prettiest street in Bogotá” is a narrow street full of shops, people and more graffiti art.


Colonial Architecture.

Only a small portion of Bogotá’s original Colonial architecture survived as most of it was destroyed in the aftermath of the 1948 assassination of  Jorge Eliécer Gaitán.


Plaza Bolívar

There is always something happening  at Plaza Bolívar – a weekend, a political protest or just daily life.  I found an amazing local artist there, Antónimo and purchased a gorgeous 18K gold necklace.  If jewellery is not your thing you can take a picture with a lama or just people watch.


Plaza Bolívar

Next why you should go on a walking tour!


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