Europe 2017: Madrid, Spain 


After two days in Seville it was time for us to head to Madrid.   We were taking the high-speed train because why not? I decided to throw in a few different modes of transportation into our trip for fun.

We took a bus from the Plaza de la Encarnación to Santa Justa train station and in 2 hours we were in Madrid!!

As we had a flight to Warsaw the next morning, I choose an Airbnb that was located near Pacificio Metro Station. Making it easier to get to the center but, also to get to the airport in the morning.

I found that Madrid did not have the same charm as Lisbon or Seville. Everything was larger, wider and busier, it was a cosmopolitan city and it showed.

One Day in Madrid


With only one day in Madrid we made the most of it.  I found a DIY walking tour online and after a nap we set out to explore.  We started off at Plaza Isabel II, walked around the Royal Palace of Madrid, made our way along Calle Mayor until we finally got on the metro near Parque del Retiro. It was a good walk


Royal Palace of Madrid

If your time in Madrid is short like ours than I recommend a walk along Calle Mayor and its many side streets.  You end up seeing a lot of the key touristy spots, the architecture is fascinating, you can shop and find plenty of places to eat.


Tio Pepe at Plaza de Pureta del So

Madrid was full of tourist.   In Plaza de Pureta del So, all we saw was crowds of people walking or hanging out in the square.  The highlight for me was the famous Tio Pepe sign was had recently been restored.

Once we got to Parque del Retiro it was getting dark and walking more had lost its appeal.  We were both tiered and had another early morning the next day because we were heading to the mother land, Warsaw Poland.


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