Europe 2017: Seville, Spain


La Encarnación square at night

We initially talked about going to Barcelona after the Algarve.   We did want to include one expensive city on our trip.  But, when we found out Seville was a mere 3 hour bus ride from Portimao, we cut Barcelona from the itinerary.

We were not disappointed!

We actually couldn’t believe how beautiful and enchanting Seville was.  And the food .. the food just got better and better with each new stop.  What we loved the most is that people truly lived in Seville.  Everyone went out on the weekend, no one stayed home.  And even thought Spain’s been faced with some economic hardships, people looked happy.  It made we wonder why we are so miserable in North America.  Does weather really make that much of a difference?  I still don’t have an answer but, moving to Seville is on my list of crazy things I could do.

Day 1: Metropol Parasol & Alameda de Hercules


Metropol Parasol

We arrived at the bus station in Seville Plaza de Armo and walked to our Airbnb apartment, which was near La Encarnación square and the Metropol Parasol.  Mom and I stayed in our own bachelor apartment in a small walk-up in Centro Historico.  Seville was beautiful and incredibly hot for October. Klara and Bil had accommodations near by and we meet up for a late night walk around the Centro and to partake of Seville’s famous tapas.

I wonder if travel makes food taste better?   The tapas we had at Casa Paco on Alameda de Hercules, was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted.  I had heard that servers in Seville were very serious about their service and it was true.   When we got to Casa Paco all of the tables were taken.  We couldn’t see a line but after a server approached us and we added our names to the list, the order of the process made sense.  So while we and others appeared to loiter around in a confusing fashion, the servers knew what was up and they ensure a party was seated at a table as soon as it was cleared.  We were seated within 1/2 hour of our arrival.

After we had our file of tapas we took a leisurely walk back to our respective apartments to get a good nights rest.  We came upon some sort of religious procession of some kind – maybe it was a saint day? I don’t know, I didn’t bother to ask but enjoyed the experienced instead.  It was after 10 pm and everyone in the neighbourhood came out to watch or walk with the procession.

Day 2: Bus Tour around Seville


After a week of travel I got a travel cold.  Nothing major but, enough to make we tiered and it was hot.   I was disappointed that I was not going to be able to wander Seville the way I had Lisbon, alas it was not to be.  Mom and I altered our plans and decided to walk through the neighbourhood down to Torre del Oro to catch one of the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tours.   It was the best way to see the city when you are feeling under the weather and its 39 degree outside.

I can now admit that without the bus tour I would not have had the energy to walk all the way to the Plaza de España.  Which would have been a huge mistake, HUGE.


Plaza de España


Seville’s World Expo 1992

We ended our day at a cafe in Alamade de Hercules.  I was craving soup and we knew there would be plenty of cafe’s open there for us to choose from. Seville had been  a beautiful surprise and we all felt we could stay there longer.  But, we had to wake up early the next day and catch the High Speed Train to our next stop – Madrid!


Casa Paco during the day


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