When Your Horoscope Comes True

You can’t really look to a horoscope written for every person of that said sign, to provide you guidance in life or to give you all the answers.   Yet, sometimes you get one that just make sense and helps to clarify a situation that seemed unclear.

I recently re-read my July horoscope and was surprised by how much it reflected what was going on with me.   My July did have an overall feel of “nervous energy” but resulted in a “brilliant breakthrough” and I did undergo a “breakthrough on emotional issues” I’ve been working on.  And yes July ended as a time to re-build emotionally.


I did learn a few lessons in the last month and a half – including that it is too easy to fall into the work and rest routine.   To just go home at the end of the day and veg.   To not make the effort to do things because you are “so tiered” but really you are boring yourself with a boring routine and not ensuring you are being inspired every day.    

Lesson #1. The importance of doing things you love.

Have you ever felt like you are just working until time in the future when things will be right?  You  focus on that future to the point that you forget to live in the present?  And you find yourself not remember what you did in the last 3 weeks?

I love sometimes just to relax on the couch, without a plan and not a thing to do.  But, once that becomes my daily routine …. what am I doing to pursue my own goals?  To be inspired ?  Not a thing. 

I have learned I need to plan out all of my life, not just my work life.  To find things I like to do and go out and do them.  Plus, it is easier to get to go to bed early if you’re tiered because you had a full day and are excited about the next one. 


Balcony day hangs

Lesson #2. Adventure is around the corner you don’t take.

If you feel you are lacking adventure in your life, it is probably because you keep taking the same route every day. 

Every adventure I ever had in life came about because I did something different that day.  I decided to do wake up earlier, go somewhere, or do something.  I didn’t wait for a companion, I did it by myself.  

Had I not going looking for something to do, I would have missed the book signing of Garbage’s new book and the opportunity to meet my favorite band and have my favourite CD signed!  It was an amazing evening and to think I could have missed it ..


Type Books Garbage Book Signing


TFC game day photographer

Lesson #3. Your fears are holding you back from being free.   

For years I have been afraid to drive.  For years I lost out on one of the small pieces of freedom that we are lucky to have – the freedom to get in a car and go somewhere.  I lost out on experiences and adventures because I let my fear stop me and control me.  I let it become a part of my identity, because it was easier than admitting I’ve held myself back.  

Once I decide that to accept that I’ve been afraid needlessly, that yes I’ve lost out on some things, but I there’s no need to dwell on the “what ifs” because it is never too late to just move forward.  I did the thing I needed to do.  I’m excited to drive and happy that I’m one step closer to having what I want in life. 


Each new day is a new beginning

Lesson #4.  You can’t avoid unpleasant things.

Talking about feelings, expectations and boundaries can be difficult.  Its more revealing to share feelings of disappointment and hurt, than anger and frustration.   You feel more vulnerable speaking about your expectations and your boundaries, than sharing your hopes and dreams. 

That’s why we avoid having conversations about feelings, expectations and boundaries.   We foolishly hope that things will “just get right on their own” because they have in the past.  Yet, by avoiding the unpleasant we just sweep a thing under the rug and if we do it long enough, the things under the rug come back out and make a bigger mess.   

Avoidance never results in the outcome you really want.  You just have to swallow your pride, your discomfort and fear of facing unpleasantness and have those difficult conversations as soon as the need comes up.


Lesson #5. Change is not linear.

Change is not a linear process.  When you decide to change, you don’t change everything.  You still find yourself in the same place, facing the same challenges and temptations.  Change comes about when you deal with it the same situations differently, until you realize you have changed.  Maybe just a little bit, but that little bit can turn out to be a lot.

Change comes slowly and it comes about when you are still living in the same place, doing the same things.  You constantly find yourself in the same situation and only start to notice your progress once you start to react differently to a familiar situation. Change is cyclical because life is cyclical.  And it sometimes takes time for you to see how you have changed.


A new beginning in a familiar place


A new view of an old place


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