Photo Diary: Xpace Cultural Centre July Exhibitions Opening Reception

July is a month that requires a look back post, but first it requires context, so I here is the post I meant to post in July as a photo diary of the day I went to a random art exhibit because I missed art. 

Since the night we attended a Zine Jam at the Aikin Collektive Studio in Lansdowne, I’ve clued into the growing Art scene in the Lansdown- Bloor- Dundas area.   When I needed an evening of art in my life and I came across the XSpace Cultural Center Opening Reception, I decided to go.


Sunset on our way to X-Space

Photo Diary: July Exhibitions Opening Reception at XSpace Cultural Centre

The  main space featured the Intersection in Dance exhibit and my two favourite pieces were Danièle Dennis, tek ah jump, 2017, two-channel video and  Ella Cooper’s Ecstatic Nudes.


The political and social concerns of the day were present in the exhibit.  From the strangely hypnotic piece depicting Trump’s Inauguration Gala by Allanah Vokes to the informational literature.


Jennifer Laiwint’How to Relax exhibit was the featured project exhibit. A  multi-media project that took visitors into a close engagement with an obscure self-help text called “How to Help Yourself and Someone You love Using Psychotechniques” by Dr. Salvatore V. Didato.   It was an ironically relevant exhibit, as I had started to feel in need of self-reflection and a bit of guidance as I dealt with my feelings, challenges at work and in some relationships.  As any analytical personality I had explore the available research to help my gut make the right decisions.  The exhibit rung true to what I had been reading but also reminded me that I need to put out into the universe what I want .. and it will come to me.

You were encouraged to take with you these technique cards and I took two.  One that reminded me  to speak to friendly strangers and the second to be grateful.  Both represent the things I want in life and how I need to get there.


Our Friday evening of art ended on an unexpected adventurous note.  The subway had been closed for one reason or another and we ended up walking to the first station that was opened.  Which took us down a bit of a memory lane but it was a summer night and it was made for adventures.


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