IKEA Play Cafe

Excuse me for a moment as I geek out about how awesome IKEA’s Pop-up shop/ cafe in Toronto is as a branding concept.  In one word, brilliant.  To set-up a small pop-up shop in the heart of the city, let people play, shop and the while reminding them that a IKEA has all of the things you need for your small downtown space.

Photo Diary: IKEA Play Cafe

As soon as we entered the shop we got handed a wooden spoon that we could us to “tap” on products to buy them.   What a fun way to shop!  Add to that there were games and creative exercises set-up in the shop that created a truly engaging experience.  I ended up buying two spatulas that I actually needed but probably wouldn’t have gone out of my way to buy at IKEA.   We didn’t go to the cafe as we were on our way to Brunch, but I might go back to have some of those Swedish meat balls.



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