Sometimes you find yourself in a IRL deja vu moment – you are in a similar place, doing similar things, which are different, yet oddly similar. So oddly that you start to think you maybe undergoing some strange go back in time to fix your past mistakes moment.  Yet, things are not the same, things are very different and the biggest difference is you.

How You Look At Life

I use to hate those life advice guru’s that talked none stop about the fact that the only thing you need to change to change your life is your attitude to it.  It seemed overly simplistic to be true.  Yet changing your attitude, especially if you have a negative one, can be incredibly hard.   Negativity can consume you, give you drama in your life and a justification for why your life is not going how you want it.  It’s hard to let go of that easy justification and instead, work on changing how you react to the things that trigger your negativity.

While I was stuck in my negative world view, I ha people tell me that I needed to change my outlook on life.  That by only seeing the negative, I was missing the positive and inviting more negative into my life.  I didn’t listen these people.  I thought I had been dealt an unfair card in life and didn’t see all of the wonderful things I had.

I didn’t see that the negativity I was holding onto was keeping me back from evolving.

Your Perspective is Everything

Today I find myself in a similar place as I was in the past, but my attitude to it all is different.  I may find myself walking down the same streets, but they I notice how different they are.  They things have changed.  I don’t have that jarring memory of a negative thing that happened at that place.  Instead, I feel a fondness for that old place and actually see the beauty in a street I use to walk down everyday without seeing it.


I am realizing that my perspective on my life has changed.  Pulling myself out of my comfort zone in 2016 has resulted in a positive change.  I no longer focus on what people may think of me, because people really don’t spend that much time thinking about others and if they do judge me, why should I care?  I have been lucky to meet so many positive and warm people in my life, ones who cheer me on and see my talents, that I don’t really care if one person out there thinks I’m weird.


We are all weird in our own ways and by embracing it we live our life. The funny thing is that no one ever made me pretend to be someone I’m not.  I did felt some pressure early on in my career to change to fit in with a certain mould to be successful.  But, I didn’t have to do that, I did it because I lacked confidence in my skills and talents as an artist, as a creative person who can create things.    I didn’t think I was “good enough”.  I still think that at times, I still question whether I have the right to call myself a writer or photographer.  But, that is part and parcel of living your creative passion, you doubt whether you are good enough.


I will confess, I was fearful that I would revert to old patterns and habits upon my return to the Ad Life.  But, I haven’t.  I find myself not doing things I use to that would increase my daily stress – walk really fast to the printer, eat lunch at my desk, react to every email.  Instead, I walk normally, eat lunch in the cafeteria, check my emails after I’ve completed something and take walks on my lunch break.   Most importantly, I am excited about the work I am doing and don’t let the little would be / could be annoyance, be annoyances.

Sometimes your perspective can be everything.


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