Chiang Mai Temple Hopping: Wat Phra Singh


First selfie in Chiang Mai

It was impossible not to visit a temple while in Chiang Mai.  The city has a history as a Buddhist spiritual center and is compact, so you can’t walk very far without stumbling upon a temple.

Wat Phra Singh is one of the most well-known and prestigious temples in the city, and was part of itinerary for my first day in Chiang Mai.

Photo Diary: Wat Phra Singh

The architecture of Chiang Mai’s temples is different from Bangkok – wooden, with tiered roofs & carved & gilded details.   After becoming accustomed to Bangkok’s stone temples, I was surprised to see the use of wood in a major temple.


Wihan Luang


Wihan Lai Kham





One of the wall murals

Kulai Chedi


The ubosot of Wat Phra Singh


Phradhatluang (Chedi)



Ho Trai (temple library)



My favourite part of the temple was the Contemplation Library an outdoor garden with Buddhist sayings that was located in the Kuti, the monks living quarters.  It was lovely & peaceful, really the perfect place to contemplate the meaning of life. Or to take a rest & sketch.


I enjoyed Wat Phra Sing, it was very peaceful for such a major temple and it reminded that finding some peace and reconnecting with my spirituality where the main reasons I came to Thailand.

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