Bangkok Temple Hopping: Wat Ratchanatdaram

On my first stay in Bangkok, one of the last temples I visited was Wat Ratchanatdaram. It was the first temple I saw when I got to Bangkok, the one I would see every morning & night from my hostel, yet it was the last one I visited before heading on my trip north.

It was lovely.   It felt like a real temple, rather than a tourist destination.

Photo Diary: Visiting Wat Ratchanatdaram 

Wat Ratchanatdaram was undergoing a bit of a makeover when I was in Bangkok.  The black metal spires which made the temple unique were being changed into gold.  I do not know the reason for this change as the black metal was striking & made the temple unique & instantly recognizable.  The temple is still beautiful in gold, but it will lose some of its uniqueness.

The temple is free to enter & while you can only enter the temple until 5pm, it is worthwhile to stroll by the temple at night.  Visitors are few to the temple & it is possible to find a quite corner & contemplate life if you so desire.




View of Bangkok





At night.




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