Blogging Sucks Sometimes

I love to blog but, sometimes it can really suck.

It’s not easy to create new content daily.  A lot goes into it & when your creativity slows to a crawl, your productivity crashes & you can’t finish a thing ..  it sucks to have a blog. When this happens to me, I just take a break from it all.  So apologizes for the recent silence, but blogging is sometimes hard & it sometimes sucks.

7 Reasons Blogging Sucks (With GIFs)

#1. The longer you do it, the longer it takes for you to create a blog post.

TiredWhen you first start to blog, it is pretty easy to create content.  But, the longer you do it the more complex the process becomes.  You standardize the look of your post, which requires custom headers & specific photography.  You introduce specific content types, which requires research, planning & specific photo shoots.  You start to care about the SEO (search engine optimization) of your posts, which requires research into search terms & naming convention for all your photos . Ect.  And once you start .. you can’t stop. You’ve created “a brand” & your ego won’t let you deviate from it.

Sucks because: You are in a creative rut, exhausted & don’t have time to create anything in a timely manner.

#2. You just wrote your best content ever …. & only 10 people read it.


You just created your best piece of content to date.  It looks great, like really great.  The writings on point – clever & succinct.  You feel its got that quality of a thing that people will love.  It is indeed the best thing you’ve done so far.  You publish it …. & it gets the lowest engagement of the history of your blog.

Sucks because:  Your best piece of content doesn’t strike a chord with your audience.

#3. Writers Block & the sense of failure you feel when you don’t post. 


Everyone knows what writers block means.  We’ve all seen movies that have tortured (yet attractive) writers whose writers block is a key character arch.  But, you don’t realize the emotions of frustration & failure that come with it.  The late nights & eventual dramatic reaction of deleting a whole piece of work because “it sucks” & your inner critic won’t shut up.

Sucks because: This just sucks.

#4. Comparing yourself to those Instagram perfect bloggers whose follower count triples every month.

LifeSome people make it all look easy to be successful at blogging.  They look perfect, their blog theme is perfect, their pictures are perfect & their life is perfect. When you find yourself scrolling through their Eat Fresh or Fashion Perfect or Perfect House blog, you find yourself questioning your life choices.  Why didn’t you work out more, eat healthy all the time, have the newest clothes or aren’t married with perfect children?

Sucks because: You get sucked into the fakeness of an online personas & start to think your life is lacking.

#5. Why are you doing this again?


Why are you doing this?  What are you getting out of it?  You are not making money, you are not a successful blogger whose on Daytime TV talk shows.  You are spending a lot of time, energy & money on a blog that is getting you what in return?   You question your commitment, your effort & excitement over a project that by most standards is a waste of time.

Sucks because:  You lose the pleasure of blogging & the feeling of accomplishment you get from doing it.

#6. You are doing it all wrong!

youaredoingitwrongEventually you will Google “how to grow your blog” or a version of this & get millions of blog posts written by much more successful bloggers about, how to be successful at blogging.  You realize you aren’t following 90% of these tips & blame your low success on your willful refusal to do it like everyone else.

Sucks because: You believe, even for a second, that  you are doing it all wrong.

#7.  Someone else kind of takes your content & they get more hits.

Reaction_StealSome content has no owner, everyone can write about new years resolutions …. but sometimes you know it’s not a coincidence that a more popular blog posted something errily familiar a week after you did.  Is it stealing if they changed it enough so that its different?  If they don’t even acknowledge you as their inspiration? If they publish it on a channel you’re not on?

Sucks because: You know you can’t do anything about it … & they got more traffic than you did.

In closing, it sucks when blogging sucks.


Coming soon, the counter point to this post 7 Reasons Blogging Rocks. 



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