Making Wishes

I made a wish in Thailand.  I wished to be shown the right path to take, for strength in the next chapter in my life, to never look back but only forward.

Then I rang the bell.


Our culture doesn’t encourage wishes.  We live in a make it happen, work hard for it, never stop, just do it world.   We are constantly told that you don’t obtain success by wishing for it.  Yet, did not all successful people have a wish for something at one point? Isn’t the act of wishing the first step to getting what you desire?

I believe that you need to first acknowledged your innermost desire, visualize it & wish for it.  By putting it out there you are most likely to get it because not everything that you wish for has a concrete, definable “thing.” Sometimes it’s a desire for some yet unknown thing, a certain feeling or moment.

When People Believe in Wishes

Once upon a time I wished to go to Thailand.  It was the yearning to make that wish come true to motivated me to make it happen.  I’m grateful for having the opportunity to go there & experience just a little bit of the culture that believes in wishes.


A road in Pia


Ayutthaya, Buddha head in a Tree


Offering left at the Royal Palace


Royal Palace


Preparation for Maka Bucha in Chiang Mai


A temple in Chiang Mai


Families celebrating Maka Bucha in Chiang Mai

Part of the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Wish


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