Photo Diary: Finding Adventure at the Toronto Light Festival 

Today is the last day of the Toronto Light Festival at the Distillery District & I think you should go.  I know you are sick of winter & don’t want to leave the house.  But, if you are a photographer, art lover or just itching to get out of the house, then you should go.

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Finding Adventure at Home

TheKollektive_TorontoLightFestival_2017_39I felt like you did on Thursday.  It was cold, it was dark & my date to the festival bailed at the last-minute.  I had every reason to stay in & Netflix something.   But, I resisted the urge to be slothful.  I WANTED to go.  I love art & lights.

It has been strange to be back in Toronto.   I miss Thailand, the weather, the travelling, the constant sense of adventure.   It has been hard to focus completely on being back & dedicating myself fully to the things I need to do.   It is all too easy to justify falling back into a passive inertia & into old habits. To stay home, do nothing, & wait for the next day to come.

I was never bored in Thailand.  I always found an adventure, something to be amazed by & a person to talk to.  I realize that home only seems boring because I make it so.  I only feel less free because I stop myself from doing the things that make me feel free.


When reasons for staying at home started circling in my head, I got up & got ready.  I was bringing my sense of adventure home!   I packed up, bundled up & went downtown.

It was the first time I was downtown since coming home & as soon as I exited Union Station, I knew I did the right thing by coming out.  Yes it was cold, it was dark & I was alone, but I was out doing something I loved.


Run Beyond by Angelo Bonello, Italy


Refugees by alaa miniawi, Lebanon

I had the best time! I wasn’t the only one who had come to see the festival alone to take photo’s of the festival.

I’m not sure if it was the weather or due to it being the festivals first year, but the Distillery District wasn’t crowded.  There were just enough people for it to feel like a festival, but you could find yourself alone with an installation if you waited.



Our House by Tom Dekyvere, Belgium


Bands of Friendship by Vika Patil & Santosh Gujar, India


I loved the interactive installations the most.  It’s fun to see who comes out of their ‘I am a serious Adult’ shell & lets loose at an installation.   It’s even more fun to be the one who gives into the urge to have fun, even if you look weird in-front of strangers. It’s art, you are supposed to be weird!


Magic Dance Mirror by Kyle Ruddick, United States


Infinite Support installation, symbolizes friendship.


A Dream of Pasture by Studio F Minus, Canada




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