Walking Around Koh Samet Village

I woke up early one morning in Koh Samet & decided to go for a walk to explore Koh Samet Village & find some breakfast.   It was not a long walk & it was fun to see the village wake up.


It was the first time I explored  a small town in Thailand. I noticed the differences right away – the smallness of it all, the motorbikes, the presence of garbage (not in an unhygienic way but the villagers have to look after the disposal of their own trash), the cats & dogs at every corner.


I made me yearn to start my travels around Thailand & to see more of this – a glimpse into the daily life of the people who lived there.

My early morning walk also lead me to the restaurant I read about on Trip Advisor t& wanted to visit,  Banana Bar. I had read that the food was delicious & cheap.  The restaurant was in the front of a house & run by a family.  I was so happy to find it that it was open for breakfast.

I was not disappointed.  They had an American Breakfast (the category used to describe anything that includes eggs & toast for breakfast) for 90 baht.  I was in heaven.


While I was there, I noticed an older European couple who were also there for breakfast. They didn’t even look at the menu (which had multiple American Breakfast options) but started yelling “American Breakfast” at the elderly woman once she got to their table.  They were the type I would observe throughout my trip, the type that expected everything to be  the same as it is at home.


I spent time with such a group during my stay in Koh Samet & I could not understand why anyone would waste so much of their energy getting annoyed by such things.I was backpacking & they were vacationing.  I can’t judge them too harshly for their perspective.  If you’ve never travel any other way other than with a tour group & in 5-star hotels, you aren’t looking for the glimpse of the country’s culture.


Thailand is a different country, with its own rhythm to life.  Things are slower there, waiters do not clear the table right away & they do not come to check up on how your meal is as you are mid bite.


You get what you seek in life, if you seek a view into the daily life of the country you are in then you will find it.


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