Hello Again!

Hello again, my patient readers I am officially back in Toronto & back to blogging!

My Thailand trip was amazing.  It was the “find myself” adventure trip I wanted & I almost filled up my journal during the 28 days.  I have a lot to share over the next while, but today I am jet lagged.


Waiting for my 13 hour flight to Toronto 


I’ve had jet lag before, but this is a special kind of jet lag.  The kind you get when you go back 12 hours in time & travel for 20+ hours.   I did stay awake until midnight yesterday & woke up at 6 am this morning.  It was not easy not to fall asleep but I stayed awake by putting up a slide show of my 2,500+ pictures & videos for my mom & telling her a bit about my trip.   The story telling was rudimentary as all I could manage to say was the location of the place I was at.  I may have told some sort of story, but frankly I cannot remember – memory loss & lack of concentration are the symptoms of jet lag I seem to suffer from the most.

When I first got to Bangkok, I traveled to Koh Samed the next morning & I could not remember what street the National Stadium Sky Train was for the life of me.  Normally I’m great at recalling directions from looking at a map, but I could not for the life of me remember on that day.  I also, lost my camera lens cover that day.   Lesson for me that day was that jet lag makes me dumb & I need to do very little that requires any mental effort.

So with that in mind, this first post will be short.  I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors as well, I will most likely find & correct them tomorrow.  Today I couldn’t spot one if you gave me directions to it.


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