Books to Read to Survive the beginning of the Trump Years

It’s been a week since Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States & shit has been bad.  Really bad.

I know a lot of you have been emotionally exhausted by this week. If your not writing emails to your MP, Congressman or Senator, your protesting. Or your comforting family or friends. Or like me, your turning off the news & doing something else. If you feel like you need a rest & like to read, I have some books to recommend.

5 Books to Read to Survive the Beginning of the Trump Years

The Chrysalids
by John Wyndham


A classic of dystopian sci-fi.  In the Chrysalids we enter a society that is struggling to maintain its “pureness” as told from the viewpoint of an Impure.  A story of how far the fear of perceived threat of extinction drives people.

Good Read for: Sci-fi fans looking for a classic story about why humans fear those different from them, with a hopeful end.

How It’s Relevant:   Discusses a society built on maintaining racial purity to an extreme. Yet, change cannot be stopped, no matter how hard they try.

Dietland by Sarai Walker


A dark read about Feminism that explores two key topics through two stories that seem not to be related at all.   But, the at the end the novel asks the question – what if women got pissed off enough to got violent on the patriarchy?

Good Read for: Feminists. Women who are pissed about the patriarchy. Women who are pissed about rape culture.  Nasty Women.

How It’s Relevant: This is more than just a book about a fat girl, this is a book that delves into patriarchy, beauty standards, rape culture & feminism.  But, with a beautiful twist.

Risk by Dan Gardner


Written in 2008, Dan Gardner’s novel explores the culture of fear in America.  Great way to understand how fear drove so many to vote for Trump & fun way to compare Dan Gardner’s predictions to reality.

Good Read for: Historians, or anyone looking to prepare for upcoming debates online.

How It’s Relevant:  Risk paints a frankly scary picture of how North America’s culture of fear drives our decision making.

Futuristic Violence & Fancy Suits by David Wong


Imagine a world where a city is created by rich people with no rules.  A Trumptopia if you will.  A ridiculous & fun read.

Good Read for: Sci-fi fans looking for a good escapist read, with a slight commentary on our current society.

How It’s Relevant:  Cities built by the rich with no government oversight or laws.  A society that thrives on social media trends to a level of insanity.  This could be our future.

Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis


A moving story of what happens when a pack of dogs is granted human intelligence & consciousness & how two groups form to react to the change. It will make you cry. So be warned this is not a happy read. Engrossing but not happy.

Good Read for: Those who want wallow in a bit of sadness & do not mind exploring the darker side of humanity.

How It’s Relevant: Topics of humanity, change, evolution & destiny, with a Greek Comedy feel.


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