Kinga: The 9 Characters I Identify with

I realize this was “a thing” about 5 or 6 months ago.   I probably missed the peak trend moment for this meme (& the corresponding web traffic) but maybe I can bring it back?  As a start of the year trend?

Or maybe not.  Either way I had fun doing this & it is a good way for me to tell you more about me without telling you more about me.  So here are the 9 fictional characters I identify & why.


1) Baby from Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing was THE coming of age story for many 80’s babies.  As an intelligent, bookish & awkward teen I identified with Baby because she was .. well me & who didn’t want to meet an older, handsome dance instructor at the boring family vacation?

2) Leslie Knopp from Parks & Recreation

Leslie is organized to a level of obsession, a bit awkward, but kick-ass & über passionate about her life calling.  It is refreshing to see a less-than perfect female character getting what she wants in life because she worked for it.  Plus, Leslie Knopp has some of the best one-liners.

3) Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones Diary

The insecurities, the dieting & the late night drinks with fellow  singleton friends. The awkward office parties & more awkward office hook-ups.   Bridget Jones, sums up the single life of a woman in her 30’s.

4) Walter Mitty from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty lives a boring, routine life yet he yearns for more. He yearns for adventure. I watched this movie when I was in a rut & I completely identified with Walter.  I was actually inspired to get out of my life rut.

5) Caitlin Ryan from Degrassi Junior High

When I watched Degrassi Junior High as a teen Caitlin was the character I identified with.  She was the most like me, basically a good kid, with a good life, who had ambitions to change the world.

6) Pam from The Office

Pam is my inner office slacker & underachiever, who dreams of doing more with her life.

7) Ellen Ripley from Alien

The first bad-ass woman in a sci-fi movie, who didn’t die but instead turned into a complete badass & saved the day.

8) Betty from Archie’s Comics

I taught myself English by reading Archie comics & Betty Cooper was my favourite character. She was the only one I identified with as I was  not wealthy & didn’t feel as if all the boys were after me.

9) Anne of Green Gables

Anne was the strange new kid in  Avonlea & as an Immigrant I could relate with her journey to find acceptance & her place in Avonlea.


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