Food of 2016: Kinga’s edition

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To continue this tradition, we are going to look back at some our favourite things of the year.  Food, is one of those things.  We truly do love food – cooking & eating it.

The theme of 2016 food was home cooking on a budget & experimentation.   I actually used my Jamie Oliver cookbook frequently this year to cook dishes I had no idea how to make.  Fish became a thing &  turmeric became one of my new go-to spices.  There were a few restaurant outings, coffee shop fuel sessions & take out at a friend’s house.  But, eating out was reserved for special occasions or when I truly needed to get out & do something.

One thing I did not do as much of this year is record my cooking adventures & post the recipes on here.  I definitely should have recorded the Cashew-Cheeseish Spinach Sauce Chicken pasta, the sauce was amazingly easy to make & turned out delicious.  I guess that is something I will be doing in 2017.

Click on the gallery below to drool over the delicious food.

Featured Recipe:

Featured Restaurants:


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