Memories of Bathurst Station

The third (& last) post in my Memories of Toronto’s Honest Ed’s series in honour of the last days of the bargain store’s life.  You can read the first & second post here. 

I must not be the only person who has associations of life events with a subway station, am I?  It is afterall a place you meet up with people,  start journeys & end them.

thekollektive_honesteds_2016_viewfromnorthMy association with Bathurst Station extends all the way to University.  Commuting from Etobicoke (& then Mississauga) Bathurst’s blue & white decor signaled that I was finally downtown!

The small streets, the brownstone buildings, people going about their day, the noise of streetcars – the energy of city life was evident as soon as I stepped out of the entrance.

I know someone people hate downtown Toronto.  They hate the noise, the traffic, the crowds of people.  Not me.  That’s the part I love.  People live their lives on the street in a city.  They meet friends, they meet lovers, they cry, they argue, they laugh, they make love. And if stand still, you get to witness a moment in a strangers life.

Bathurst station is the gateway into the city &  I will miss seeing the lights of Honest Ed’s when I exit it.  I am not the only one who feels this way & I loved seeing the tribute that the TTC has put on to Honest Ed’s.  So I am ending my Memories of Honest Ed’s series by sharing photo’s of the Honest Ed’s Tribute to Honest Ed’s installation








Lastly, check out the behind the scenes video for the song alone.  I couldn’t find it anywhere online, so I am assuming it is an original jingle.

Thank you for reading this series & go down to Honest Ed’s while you still can.


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