Memories of Mirvish Village

The second post in my Memories of Toronto’s Honest Ed’s series in honour of the last days of the bargain store’s life.  You can read Memories of Honest Ed’s here

Mirvish Village, is a collection of bars & shops in old Victorian houses along Markham Street. It is a neighbourhood that defined Toronto for me & seemed to be the perfect meeting places of artists, musicians, intellectuals & dreamers.

Now that I am looking back, I realize that Mirvish Village represented an idealized dream of the intellectual artists life that I always wanted to pursue, but was too sacred to.  Instead I went the corporate route & now that I am ready to embark upon the path of a modern artists, the community of my youthful fantasies is about to be torn down.

There is irony in this somewhere. Or it is a sign.  Regardless, I will feel the loss of Markham Street.



Mirvish Village in the Summer

Victory Cafe “The Vic”


The first time I went to the Victory Cafe was to meet a blogger friend. At the time I ran a blog about the Advertising industry, it was a humourous, but honest.  In my youthfulness I may have been too honest at times …

After discovering the wondrous summer patio of The Vic, it became a regular hangout of mine.  I spent many summer evenings discussing life with my friends on the patio, many winter evenings doing the very same inside the cozy interior & celebrating key accomplishments with a pint of craft beer, like the completion of my first 5km marathon this past spring with Klara.


The cozy interior of Victory Cafe

The Central


The Central was another great patio spot in Mirvish Village, which boasted cheap beer, food & most importantly a full days of sun.

I do not recall of when I first ventured here. I was probably meeting up with friends who were probably there attending a show of a musican friend.

I do know it became my de-facto summer patio spot for many years. Without fail, I would run into someone I know at The Central in the summer.

Most importantly, The Central was a venue that welcomed up & coming Toronto musicans & it was the place where I witnessed the growth of the musical careers of some of my closest friends, The Palmerstones & Noah Pascoe.

It is also where the The Kollektive Song was born during an impromptu jam session of Noah Pascoe & The Palmorstones.

Stay tuned for part 3 of my Memories of Honest Ed photo series. 


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